Doug Tales 112: Can I Be a Minion? Part Two

Today’s blog post is the second half of an email by Doug Mendenhall from January 2, 2017 with the title, “Can I be a minion when I grow up Mommy?”

As the world continues to descend down the toilet I can see why the only safe place will be in locations where the Lord and his angels can dwell. There will be no other safe places, I don’t care what the sjw (social justice warriors) say. Is your church going to do that for you? Is your family? Is your government? Excuse me while I crack up for a minute. If you are truly with the Lord, chances are those institutions will be coming after you, as hell is doing now. They are about control, keeping you a slave, a dumbed down servant doing their bidding, paying them your money. Will it be in your fellowships as some call them? Many have just replaced their church with a fellowship. Is it our new social club? Is that offensive? I hope so.

Time to prepare now friends. There will be seminars or workshops this year. We really don’t want to do them but will do what He asks. I’m thinking it will be like school or college, where you come to really learn. For that reason I will pare down my email list even further. Many of you don’t participate much if at all so it would be best to not bother you anymore. If a blog or something shows up, so be it, as it is NOT something I want to be part of. Though there has been much I haven’t wanted to do and we end up being told to do it anyway. Bummer.

A good friend related his story about when he was about 3 1/2 years old he was riding in the family car when his father told his older brother that the back door wasn’t shut tight, that he was going to stop the car and have him close it tight. This friend heard a voice tell him that he should do it. Now the car had what was called suicide doors. He reached over and opened the door and of course the wind caught it and flung him out while the car was still going pretty fast. He woke up in the hospital covered in scrapes and bruises. They told him it was a good thing he had a winter coat on as it probably saved his life.

Does something like this open up your aura to other worldly beings that may want to cause mischief and harm? Would it have been his guardian angel that told him to open the car door? I highly doubt it. Fast forward some 70 years later and he came into our life. We have found a dark entity that has been with him since his youth that has controlled him all these years. He is in the process of eradicating himself from this entity and its friends.

A few days ago a friend called and told me to read a blog by some guy. It is about demons. He told me to think of all the people that have been helped by the book Conquering Spiritual Evil, all the seminars, etc. and how all the times that Kitten and I have gone to people’s homes to cast evil out of them and close portals. I read the blog and really didn’t think of any of those things. I mean really, who cares. I did think about how many people are so clueless it is amazing. In the comments someone actually mentioned the Conquering book, which I honestly was hoping would not happen. His comment was that he doesn’t know me but went to see Mel Fish, a “nice man.” But Mel was charging some money and he refused to pay it to learn to “raise his right arm to the square.”

From the guy’s blog:

“I have not read that book but I did read Mel Fish’s book and met with him once in his home. I don’t know Doug but I think Mel is a very nice man. I have come to the conclusion that such approaches complicate matters generally. I don’t question anyone’s sincerity or their personal experiences. But for me personally, I felt very uncomfortable paying $40 to be taught how to raise my arm to the square to cast out devils. I did see people there at Brother Fish’s who were happy paying the money and seemed to be enjoying the experience. I find, however, that the more I expand my sources that I listen to, the less room I have for Christ. There are so many gurus and so few true messengers. It doesn’t make someone evil or bad for trying to share their gift. But as I said, for me, my mind becomes less firm, and I find myself thinking I’m being enlightened when in fact I’m usually merely being titillated.”

Yet this man has a blog, so apparently he wants to us “expand (our) sources” and listen to him. Is he making his readers “less firm” in their minds? If we read his stuff are we “expand(ing) our sources”….so we have “less room” for “Christ.” Is he a “true messenger?” Or just a “guru.” Just wondering. I don’t know the man, I’m sure he is a good guy. But if you believe others shouldn’t seek out new things, then why should they listen to you? Some “guru’s” charge and some don’t. If they don’t does that make them more “worthwhile”?

He also mentioned in the blog:

“It is my current opinion that we, as mortals, are subject to being possessed. And that the only remedy is that we fast and pray that Christ casts out the evil spirits that dwell in each of us. I do not recommend paying for some person or for some conference that “teaches you” how to cast them out. I invite you to turn to the Master in fasting and in prayer. He and only He can assist you in overcoming these evil spirits.”

I agree it is important that we only turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. If it is always the case that only He can assist you in casting out evil spirits why in the world did the Lord Jesus Christ send out his disciples telling them to do such???? Did He get it wrong? Why does He declare that His disciples will do so now. Why didn’t He just tell them to turn to Him to take care of these things? Doesn’t it take a combination of mortal along with spiritual to accomplish these things? All of this makes my head spin. Now you know why I hide out in Mt Pleasant.

Many people are telling me stories of how the Ascend is helping them during these times with their health issues. Several days ago we received a call from a young woman in her 20’s. She is pregnant and went to the doctor quite ill. She was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia. The doctor didn’t want to give her any antibiotics because of the baby and told her to go home, drink plenty of water and rest. We dropped a quart of Ascend off the next day. Just talked to her two days later and she is feeling much better. She said the sore throat started to go away immediately after starting with the Ascend. So there you go. We have plenty of that still available….

Hope you all have a great new year.

Take care,