“A Sphere of Light around it”

In Conquering Spiritual Evil, chapter 13, we discussed some missionaries in Brazil from the late sixties and early 1970’s that had extreme experiences with evil spirits. (I love the fact we put this information in chapter 13, my favorite number.)

The Elder in the story related that because what happened was so bad, evil, and because no one had any answers, his mission president contacted the LDS First Presidency who put him in contact with the GA over that region, a guy named Gordon B. Hinckley. He related in his manuscript and personally told me that Elder Hinckley taught them a special ordinance that would seal off their apartment so that evil or dark entities would not be able to get through. Well, unless someone in the residence invited them in, which did happen. You can read all about it in the book if you want.

These missionaries said they “Learned that performing this ordinance to seal off a home creates a sphere of light around it, which evil cannot penetrate unless, as our Mission President warned us, someone inside the home invites them in.”

Hmmm, a “sphere of light around it” sounds suspiciously like a shield of protection around the home. And this was taught to their Mission President by a LDS Apostle. The former missionary told me privately they were told that only missionaries were allowed to know about this special ordinance and to perform it. Even all those years after the fact he wouldn’t tell me the “special” words given to them by Elder Hinckley to say over each window and doorway as they put consecrated oil on it. I don’t know about that, as it seems to me that if the Lord Jesus Christ gives us a tool, it might be good if we all employed it for the benefit of our families and selves. I also must admit that it was intriguing to me that an LDS general authority knew about shielding. Why wasn’t and isn’t this taught to missionaries before they enter the field? It should be standard fair in priesthood lessons by my way of thinking, but then I don’t know much. Oh, I forgot, we LDS are not bothered by these things unless we think about them.

Even Christian “warriors” involved in this kind of stuff know about anointing doorways and windows thereby shielding a home:


As in all things, please use discernment while reading this. I just want you to understand that many others understand and use similar things. Why? Because they have found through experience it works.

But what is wrong with us? What is the big secret? If you know how to help someone, even LDS missionaries, why are you not sharing the information? “Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Kotter, it must be too sacred!” Now I have never anointed doors or windows as the current way I shield our home and property seems to work just fine, but if I needed help, I’d sure like to be let in on the secret.

When I served my mission in Spain back in the middle 70’s we had an experience that this Elder in Brazil experienced many times that I didn’t put into the book where they were “shoved” down into their mattress at night and paralyzed. After these initial experiences the Elder in Brazil was transferred and was so busy with missionary work he didn’t “seal” his apartment. There were many nights afterward where he would experience being pushed down into his bed by evil spirits and being paralyzed. This occurred several times a night for weeks and then once in a while afterward. On my mission we had two Elders arrive at our apartment at about 2:00 AM completely out of breath. They had ran several miles from their place to ours and were incredibly frightened. The senior companion told me that he had been awakened by something laying completely on top of him. It pressed him down into the bed so he could see with his peripheral vision that his eyes and nose were even with the top of the mattress; he had been pushed into the mattress. He also found that he was paralyzed. Needless to say, this really freaked him out. He finally called on the name of Jesus Christ and was freed, but was so scared he ran to our place.

Now what if he had been taught to shield properly? Might that have been a protection? What if he had been taught to call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ if this did happen? I know, if we don’t think about it, it won’t happen. Oh, these Elders had never thought about such a thing before and it still happened. Wow, there goes that theory.

I have met many people, especially women, who have been taken to hell at night when they were little. Their experiences were real. When they told their parents, they were told it was just a bad dream. Our friend Z experienced this many times as a child and has the scars to prove it. She mentioned to me that she would have loved to have been taken seriously by her family and to have received the much needed protection. It never came because they didn’t know and neither did she until many years later. What are your children or grandchildren telling you? Yes, I know some of you still believe that little children can’t be bothered by evil. Good luck with that notion. Hey, next time we get a call for help with a possessed child I’ll call you and you can come with us. We will watch as YOU take care of the problem. Nothing like a little real life experience to change the old paradigm of what is and isn’t.

Several nights ago was one of the most evil nights of the year because of what satanists do on it. I won’t go into it here. There are probably more than a few of you that felt really “off”, even antsy or depressed. That might be because you weren’t shielded enough and you felt what was going on. You empaths might have felt and might still be feeling the emotions of those children and what they went through. You, most of all needed to shield yourself. If you didn’t and can feel all that went on, then you might want to give what you have taken to our Lord Jesus Christ so He can transmute it to light. It would not be healthy for you to keep it.

I don’t care if some of you believe shielding is based in fear or not. It works when done properly and is of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wow, one way to do it was even taught by an Apostle in the LDS church….. There is only one person and his minions that I know of that would not want you to use such a tool the Lord Jesus Christ has given you. I will let you guess who that is.