My Brother

My brother, Hugh, transitioned last Saturday, the day before we left for Arizona to help some wonderful people.

He had not informed any family other than his wife and children, that his cancer had come back after some twenty years in remission. It was stage four and he lasted two months. We found out on Tuesday from his son as we were traveling to help some friends in Holbrook.

As we went into the basement of our friend’s home to clear it, I felt my brother show up. I just stood there and wondered why he had come. He looked at what we were doing and said, “So this is what you do. Pretty cool.” He then left.

After we were in the car I asked my sighted friend if she had seen my brother. She said no, that she had been focused on the task at hand. She then said her guardian had just spoken up and said that yes, he had come.

It was a long week of hard work.

Driving home today my sighted friend mentioned that he was in the car with us. I asked her what he wanted and made the statement that he had been with us on and off all week. She confirmed that indeed he had.

She then said, “He is asking me to ask you a question.”

Now I was all in for this and wondered what he would want.  Would he want me to talk to his wife at the funeral on Monday? (Ego.)  Would he, well, what would a recently transitioned spirit want? Now that is a good question, isn’t it?

My sighted friend continued, “He wants to know if you will do that ‘generational healing thingy-ma-bob thing you do for him?’

Of all the things he could want, that was it!?

I know that since he has transitioned he has attended classes there on the other side, made sure his sweetheart is okay, hung out with us on and off for the week, in addition to many other things.

Of all that he could ask for, he wants a generational healing thingy-ma-bob.

He must have listened well during his classes.

Don’t worry, Hugh, we will get you scheduled.

Praise God for his goodness, that even a recently transitioned man, a good man at that, who loved and cared for his family, can still progress and realize the importance of that progression even as he prepares for his “service” while aiding his family in this time of stress and sorrow for them.

Not bad for a Baptist, eh? That cracks me up, Hugh the Baptist.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for influencing this man to become what he is. And to have his priorities straight wanting his progression to continue on the other side of the veil.

There was much that happened this past week that was highly educational and interesting. If the Savior permits, perhaps we will discuss some of it. Right now I’m headed back down to hell, I mean Phoenix, for my brother’s service on Monday.

Ha! Hugh the Bap………

Take care and God bless.