Doug Tales 9: Stories From Our Lives

Doug Mendenhall encourages readers of his sixth book, I See…Arise! (2016), on pages v-ix, to explore and learn for themselves by having their own spiritual experiences:

It really is my hope that you will have read the first book in this series, I See…Awake!, before venturing into this one. That book lays the foundation that this one builds on. Since my daughter’s coma some sixteen years ago, my ideas about how things work have changed mightily. There have been many occasions when I realized what an infant I have been, and still am, in regards to how the other side of the veil operates. This book is an experiential work. Most of what we are allowed to write about, we have experienced.

In the first part of this book we will explore more of those experiences that we and others have had. Everything from being given a second chance at birth, how people’s spirits become earthbound, how often Heaven gets involved in our lives, and what happens at a church court on the spiritual side of the veil.

We will also explore energy, chakras, photons, and meditation. These are things I have learned about in the past 16 years that are important to understand. Especially if we desire to help others in addition to ourselves.

This book also continues with the education of how evil works so that we can thwart it. It is important to understand how mind control works, possession, and even dark portals. All of this is necessary in order to understand how to combat and destroy evil in our lives. There is also the concept of learning much about how light operates by seeing what evil does, since it mimics light.

As in the previous volume, I have been allowed to use my daughter, Denise, and our gifted friend, Kitten. The Lord Jesus Christ has been extremely generous in what He has allowed them to share and teach us. Some of it might come across as harsh, but no harsher than our Lord calling the Pharisees “whited sepulchres” which was a very crass insult at that time. (Matthew 23:27) Or telling Peter to “get thee behind me, Satan.” (Matthew 16:23) Our Lord tells it like it is. When He says “Amen” to those that abuse their so-called priesthood authority, stating that they no longer have any, does it sound like he is “playing around?” If some are offended, then it is my hope that the supposed offense will wake them up, and they will arise. But know that there was never any offense intended, just truth being offered.

We use stories from our own life because 1) We have been told to, and 2) We can speak from experience; a concept that was taught in the previous book, [I See … Awake!]. If I want to know how to become redeemed, isn’t it better to listen and learn from those who have done so? That is one of the main reasons to read the Book of Mormon, as it includes the fullness of the gospel, redemption, and how to accomplish it from those that have done so. It is also the reason I was told to use Kitten and to quote from Denver Snuffer, both of whom have been redeemed. In fact, they are the only two that I know of right now. They see both sides of the veil and have the Father and Son “abide” with them. Might they know of things that we have no inkling of? Absolutely. I enjoy asking my daughter about these things we are told to write about because she is so open with me. From “I have no idea about that Dad” to “I saw this and that and here is what happened.” It has made for some interesting conversations with all three people, some of which is included in this work.

I hope that some eyes will be opened, but mostly I hope that people will truly begin to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, to know Him, and become like Him. That is the real basis for doing this book, to do His will and write about what He wants us to share….

I am not institutionally educated like many of you. Funny, the Lord doesn’t seem to care. I would rather be weird and live in this incredible atmosphere God has given me than the spiritual void that most live in. You see, when someone claims to have authority, I want to see that mantel on him, the one of Light. I want to know the difference, how things operate, and the why. I am able to discern and even see where evil is, to know the intents of another’s heart. I desire to, and have entertained angels. If that makes me weird, praise God.

I would ask, what is it…that we should seek? We have been told to seek Jesus of Nazareth and become like Him. Did He not have “extreme gifts” such as walking on water, teleporting, manifesting food and wine, extreme healing, raising the dead, reading people’s thoughts, etc.? He didn’t have a veil and knew the Father who abided with Him. This is where I desire to be, among those who are like Him. Did He not say in the last days we’d do everything He did and then some?

Years ago I was the Young Men President in my LDS ward and was teaching the 16-18 year old young men in Priesthood meeting. About halfway through the lesson our Bishop interrupted me and asked for permission to teach them. I told him it was his quorum and sat down. He proceeded to ask them if they always wanted to be a member of the LDS Church. They all said of course they did. The Spirit told me where he was going, and I was pleasantly shocked. He proceeded to tell them that no, they didn’t want to always be members of the LDS Church, that they should have the goal and desire to be a member of the Church of the Firstborn. Not one of them had ever heard of this doctrine before. He then taught them about it…Many members of my church have called or emailed me and asked about this “Church of the Firstborn.”… They have never heard of it before. I usually tell them to look it up in the D&C.

If we are this ignorant of our own doctrine, how can we be cognizant of “spiritual” things, of the “metaphysical?” We can’t, and we certainly aren’t, except for a very few. Their “heads are not buried” deliberately. They just don’t realize that, like Joseph, we can ask deep questions too! Because it is not taught in church meetings—except in passing—most have a vague notion of what it is and are hesitant to ask in a class. Or since it is not mentioned or taught, it is something in the hereafter that we don’t need to be concerned with. A member of the Church of the Firstborn deals with, meets with, converses with, and plans with the Lord Jesus Christ and many Terrestrial or translated beings. You see through the veil, you transverse through the veil, and you have been invited into their presence. Male or female, it makes no difference….

I have said this before and will say it again: When the Lord comes back, we must “vibrate” at or near the necessary frequency, or we will be burned. It will take much effort to become what we need to be in order to not become a crispy critter or a pile of ash. Make no mistake about it, if you do not attain to that level, you will not be here. That is why the Lord tells us to wake up and to arise. “Adam, awake and arise!”