Doug Tales 14: Earthbound Spirits, Part Two

What would you do if your child told you someone they could not see called their name whenever they went by a particular location? Doug Mendenhall faced this circumstance with his youngest daughter Denise (not long after her NDE), and learned a few things about earthbound spirits in the process. He talked about that experience, and also had his sighted friend added some observations, in I See…Awake! (2015), pp. 200-203:

When Denise was young she had to go over a bridge behind our home to visit a friend. She always heard a young boy call out her name from under the bridge. It frightened her, and she never responded. Finally, she told me about it.

I felt impressed to call the friend’s mother who was gifted and thought she might be able to help. She agreed to meet Denise and me at the bridge along with her young son that was also without a veil.

At the bridge, her son called out to the spirit that was under the bridge and told his mother that the spirit was his friend that he played with him all the time. “But he can’t leave the water, Mom,” he told her.

The mother talked to the boy and told him that his parents missed him and that he should go to them. Denise made the comment that he needed to go to Christ. So the mother told him to look up to see the Lord, and he ought to go to Him. The boy spirit did, and her son said, “There he goes,” pointing upward. It was a great experience.

Denise made the comment that he was an earthbound spirit and had been there since pioneer times, trapped in the water.

I have related about the earthbound man that lived in our home in Taylorsville, Utah. He had been killed in an auto accident and told me that I was the one that was dead, and I should get out of his home. He followed Denise around because she could see him.

There was an earthbound spirit that I tried to talk to using an Irish accent. He thought I was making fun of him and was quite offended. He started to do all kinds of poltergeist activity around our home, throwing pots around, tipping things over, etc. These are just a few of the earthbound spirits we have encountered. Some don’t know they have transitioned, some are angry, still have addictions and don’t want to move on. Some are of an evil nature.

Back story on earthbound spirits: From our friend Kitten: “There have been quite a number of people that experienced NDEs who have returned stating they were unaware of transitioning until circumstances and/or others (usually Angels) spoke to them and pointed out specific types of physical features as well as help them recall events which led to the ejection from their body. Death can be instantaneous. If there is no phasing effect or sensations whereby the mortal and immortal are able to detect transitioning from mortal living to the immortal state, the person can become quite confused. Most people are so centered upon their mortal lives, they are totally unaware of anything beyond that. Therefore, if there is a sudden death, the person would be under the erroneous belief they are still in mortality.

“Because there are different levels of intelligence, a person who is naturally of a lower intelligence will have difficulty discerning if they are in the mortal or immortal state. Also the young with little life experience can have this same problem. This is not to say those who are born mentally challenged, or become mentally challenged due to illness, accident, or experience some type of insult to the brain which leaves them brain damaged are of a lower intellect naturally.

“There is an amazing number of intellectually low spirits being born upon this planet. It is through experience they gain greater knowledge and enhancement to their intellects. Sadly there are others who have been convinced they are intellectually inferior, to associated others, who carry that same belief upon transitioning (a.k.a. die). Hence whether they are mortal or immortal, they continue in the somewhat confused state with the belief there is nothing else other than mortal life.

“There are some whose transition is so violent they are literally terrified of moving from where they ended up. There are victims of violent crimes who were told they were to stay in the one spot or they would be beaten even more than what they had been previously. Although they actually died from the injuries, they are afraid to leave the area. Others become so locked to the situation they cannot think to move away from it, like the small boy that drowned many years ago in the stream behind Denise’s home.”