Doug Tales 15: Earthbound Spirits, Part Three

Kitten, a sighted friend of Doug Mendenhall’s, adds many observations to Doug’s book, I See…Awake! (2015). On pages 203-209 of that book, she shares an experience which she was aware of. She tells about when an earthbound spirit was aided by someone who could both discern the spirit and also knew how to encourage the spirit to turn to the Savior Jesus Christ:

Years ago there was a somewhat mentally challenged young man who had gone swimming with some friends. Due to curiosity from viewing things that were underwater, he dove down with the intent of retrieving some objects with the hope of presenting them to his friends. A couple of objects were retrieved and placed into a pocket of his pants. Unfortunately he was unaware his shirt had become entangled in the branches of a fallen tree within the deep water. No one knew his whereabouts until it was much too late.

Although he valiantly fought to swim back to the surface, in his confusion, panic, and lack of understanding, he drowned while struggling with all his might to reach the surface in time. Within about a minute or so he gave up realizing it was impossible to reach the surface. His remains were found several years later.

A gifted woman who was hiking along the small river heard a voice calling for help. Stopping the trek, she went down to the water near the fallen tree with thoughts that perhaps someone had been entangled and needed assistance. There was a shadowy figure below the surface with what was left of some clothing entangled among the branches. It was late summer and therefore the water level was at its lowest. She wondered why the person did not simply stand up. With the assumption the person’s face was just enough above the surface, to the side of the tree, enabling speech the woman sought to render assistance as best able.

As she was moving into the water inquiry was made how the person became entangled in such a situation. It was also pointed out the water was low enough if someone of reasonable height stood up they would be able to disengage from the circumstance. The young man, emphatically, stated he had tried very diligently to rise to the surface but had not been able to. He explained what had caused him to be entrapped. Within moments of reaching the shadowy figure, the woman realized it was but the remains of someone. Being a gifted personage she realized what she heard was not from a living person but from someone who had died. The sound and timbre of the voice was masculine.

Kindly, gently, she informed the young man he had long ago died. At first he disbelieved it. After some discussion, explaining it was impossible for a mortal body to stay underwater for several years, the young man finally realized he had indeed died but did not know what to do. After a little more discussion it was discovered he knew of Jesus Christ. She told him to look up and ask Jesus Christ to come for him. At first he was a little afraid, for he still was not quite completely convinced he had actually died. After comforting him, she assured him it would be all right and that he would be perfectly safe by going with Jesus. The last words she heard was, “He is here. I am going now. Thank you.”

There are recordings of soldiers who have died in the battlefields who were so well trained, that they continued in combat. It takes someone they recognize having authority who must command cessation of hostilities and leads the combat spirits into a much better place of existence.

There are some combat veterans who, experiencing a near-death experience, spoke of these experiences whereby those of greater authority than the ones who had died in combat led the others out. The ones who returned were told they had to return to their bodies for there was further work for them to do as mortals. Often combat vets would state they were unaware that they had actually died until being told they had to return to mortality.

There are people who have died, and knew it, but had not a clue of what to do afterward. Howard Storm was one such person. He has written a book of his experience whereby he did die but did not know what to do. He was met by a dark being who took him to hell. There are numerous documents and books giving much information pertaining to what people have done after death.

Unfortunately, too many really have no idea what to do other than to continue their existence upon the Earth as they did in mortality. These are the ones that are more especially termed “earthbound.” To them, all they ever knew is what is upon the Earth in the mortal existence. Hence they never move on until someone teaches them otherwise. Then again there are too many who choose to be earthbound…

As can be seen, it is very possible to actually leave the mortal body and either be unaware of the death or have no idea where to go or how to do it. There are people who are actually caught by their own addictions and learn how to feed their addictions by entering other mortals who have the same addiction. There are many types of Earthbounds just as there are many types of people upon this planet.