“It’s okay, I asked your spirit.”

Several years ago a good friend called and asked if I would be willing to come to a woman’s home and cast out what was there. I have written about this in one of our books. But I wanted to get across the concept that she asked for help, I didn’t go looking to solve anyone’s problems. She is a clinical counselor so I wondered what part of the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) she was using for this one. I highly doubt there is anything in there about casting out other than the belief in such a thing constitutes a mental disorder. That I don’t doubt. After she asked me I then asked her if the woman that wanted help had asked for me to come. She said yes she had. My friend also informed me that she had asked me as a friend to come over, not as a counselor and that her husband would also be there. I guess there would be no DSM on this one.

I had a great experience there. The entity was powerful enough to do “poltergeist” activity; her cupboard doors flew open, things were etched into the walls not to mention her, etc. Upon entering her little one bedroom apartment I sat in a chair. I could feel someone next to me. It didn’t feel evil or dark, it felt confused. I asked about it. My friend, the counselor is gifted and said she felt an earthbound spirit there. The woman then stated that was where they had found the woman’s body that had rented the apartment before she did. She had committed suicide there in a chair in that corner. “Well, she’s still there,” I said. I knew we needed to address this earthbound woman before we could address the other problems.

We decided to stand in a circle and I’d offer a prayer to our Father in Heaven and also address the woman. I did so. I remember then telling the woman that she needed to look up and she would see family there, that no one there or here was judging her. She was then given a choice. She was told that if she didn’t go with her family, and the Lord Jesus Christ in the light, I would have to cast her out of the apartment. This other woman was now renting it and it was now her stewardship, that she had no right to stay there any longer, but it was her choice. She chose to go with the Lord Jesus Christ and her family. It was awesome.

We have zero authority to send anyone to the light, it is always a choice. You know, that agency thing again, the biggie law of Heaven. I have heard of many that teach you can do such a thing. Sorry, but if the Lord Jesus Christ can’t do it, why do some people believe they can? Just a thought. There are some that believe they can send dark entities to the light. Not so again. If an entity, like a minion, who is redeemable from hell, wants to get out of service to that old Rag stallion in hell he must make the choice and get out. But, we can’t send him to the light. Choice is always present. Other entities in hell are not redeemable and their fate is set. Now we can command entities when casting out to go back to hell, as they are impinging on others stewardship up here and need to be removed promptly.

Yesterday we had two visitors at our home, a husband and wife. She talked about how she felt she had some negative entities on her and she needed to get rid of them. I told her that sometimes help is needed. She then talked for a while and asked if I thought she would be able to cast them off by herself. I told her that sometimes we all need help. A while later she asked again if I thought she had entities on her. I told her that yes, she did have some entities on her and sometimes we need help to get them off. This went on for a while longer with me telling her that sometimes we need help. That concept was repeated several more times.

Finally, she asked, “Do you think you could help me get rid of these entities?”

“Yes!” I told her husband, “She finally got it.” The offending entities were cast off and she lightened up considerably. So much so that her husband even commented about how much lighter she was.

I know some of you are saying, “Why didn’t he just offer to cast them off?”

That was not my place. If we have gifts we shouldn’t go around healing the world, going up to others and telling them what is in their home, on them, on their children, etc. If Z came to any of your homes and told you what she saw there, you’d be flabbergasted and shocked. Most would not believe it. But it is none of her business unless they ask for help. This is the biggest thing I have always appreciated with my daughter and Z. Denise would especially love to let me trudge around in the pig pen for a while and just be amused at what I was enduring or dealing with. When I asked her why she didn’t speak up, she would say that I had not asked her and that she wasn’t allowed to say anything until I asked. I loved the respect for agency these two showed, even though what I was going through really hurt at times. It is also respect for the Lord Jesus Christ and his ways, his gospel, his truth and the way of Light. We are to always ask Him and get His permission before doing anything. Remember, ask in all things. If we take agency away we are doing the bidding of the Adversary and his Lords, not that of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some get so good at this it becomes a habit, going around with their fairy dust saving the world. Many will tell me, “The Lord told me to do this or say this.” And I’m thinking, “What Lord?” Would the Lord Jesus Christ have told them to do this or say that? I’m sure it was a Lord, but which one……a dark Lord?

If you have spiritual gifts come in and now you can hear things that are not heard or see things that are not seen, you have no right to go around telling others what you see on them. What if they have a lesson the Lord is giving them and you come along and mess it up. Do you want that on your head? I wouldn’t. We need to let people live their lives. Now if they ask, that is a different proposition. Before doing anything we must ask for permission from the Lord Jesus Christ to even address the problem.

I have found that you can give hints. A young man came by today. He had come with a friend several weeks ago and called wanting to come back alone. I let him chat, knowing all along he had powerful demons on him. He told me of his problems, addictions, and such. I asked if he had ever read Conquering Spiritual Evil and he said that he had not. So I told him that many times what he was describing could be caused by dark entities that are in or on a person. I never told him he had such a thing; he had not asked. Finally he did ask and then we chatted about that and about getting rid of them. But he asked first. I have been around my daughter and Z for many years now. I have never seen them walk up to a person and explain what is on them. Privately we will discuss what is on someone, but I will not tell them—unless asked.

Good example from the two ladies.

Lastly, many years ago Denise and I had been on the road doing book reviews for several weeks. We had arrived in a faraway city and I was exhausted. I sat on the couch of the person who had invited us. Immediately one of her friends came over to me and started “tapping” me on the head and chest. “What the crud are you doing?” I asked. I was more than a little perturbed.

“I’m tapping you to give you energy,” she replied, “I can see you’re exhausted and you need energy.”

“I didn’t ask you to do that and I find it highly uncomfortable. Plus, I didn’t give you permission to do that,” was my response.

“It’s okay,” she said, “I asked your spirit and it told me yes.”

I have encountered this answer with more than a few people that are quite zealous with their gifts and desire to help. My response was that I’m a fully conscious human being and can answer for myself. It is wrong to do things to anyone without permission. What if I’m in a coma? Then ask permission of whomever has stewardship over that person.

The bottom line is we must be asked to help others, be mindful of their agency, and always seek what the Lord Jesus Christ would have us do. Remember there are many that claim the title of Lord on the dark side of the veil.

A postscript about the woman that came here yesterday with her husband. After I had finished with her, he asked for a blessing to get rid of whatever dark spirits were on him. I quietly asked my Father in Heaven for permission and was told “No.” I was told he wasn’t ready to get rid of what he had on him and told him so. He agreed. It is always about what our God desires as only He knows what will bless the lives of others, understands the timing required and the requisite preparation.

I hope God blesses you gifted people. Being gifted is hard and requires much prayer and work to know how to use them properly, always within the bounds the Lord Jesus Christ has set.