A Little Fun

We’ve had author and researcher, Stephan Schwartz, come to Utah twice in the past decade. Once for the seminar about Zion that we put on and again for a healing seminar that Stephan helped us with. He is one of the people that independently learned how to remote view, or look in the spirit as I call it. This is a technique he has taught to tens of thousands of people the past forty years.

He was on Coast to Coast AM the other night and of course I listened to him talk about his new research. He is a good, kind-hearted man, even though his body walks left at times, though he is centrist on many things.

I was thinking this morning of the healing seminar. During the second day of the seminar he taught the attendees how to remote view, which is nothing more than getting into a meditative state and looking at things through spiritual eyes. What was unique about this was he had us remote view the future. That is what I want to share because it was quite fun and interesting.

Stephan had me write down and number six locations that I could videotape around Fairview, where the seminar was being held, and in Mt Pleasant. I wrote down the six locations and didn’t show my list to anyone. They were places like the cemetery, restaurant, library, etc. He then explained to the attendees that he would teach them how to remote view. The interesting part is they were going to remote view the future. He told them that I’d go outside and sit in my car for a certain period of time, during which he would teach them how to remote view and then they would actually do it. After this had been accomplished, I would roll a die he had given me. I would see what number had come up and go to the corresponding location on the paper with my six predetermined locations.

We did this and the number on the die corresponded to the Mt Pleasant library. So another person and I went to the library and video tape it. Being who I am, I made sure to film the toilet in the bathroom. After we were done videotaping the outside and inside of the Library we went back to the seminar to show them our “movie” on the big screen. They didn’t know where we had gone and we didn’t know where they had remote viewed.

Remember, the remote viewing happened before the location was actually picked. No one knew of the six locations I had picked.

We played the video back to the attendees and many of them had drawn things that I had videotaped. My favorite was the woman that had seen a toilet and drawn it. Then she dismissed what she had “seen” because as she stated, “Doug would never videotape a toilet.”

Oh contraire dear lady. Once inside the building that is the first thing I videotaped. She had a “hit” as Stephan called it. There were many other “hits.”

So how do novice remote viewers “see” the future like these people did that day? Why aren’t we doing the same thing? Is it because we don’t really take the time to meditate and thereby get into a place where we can “see” things. Or lack of faith? Or that it takes time to learn and to actually do it?

When someone asks us for a clearing. My preparations for that person usually include fasting, scriptures, prayers, meditation and breathing. While doing the breathing and meditation I will ask the Savior to let me see the person who is coming and what is on them. In most cases I will “see” some of what is there. Usually I don’t talk to Z about what I’ve been shown. I know she does the same thing. In most cases the clearing is done at my home and when Z comes she will spend a while breathing and meditating to prepare herself.

I don’t consider myself to be “gifted” like Z or my daughter. I do consider myself to be self-taught as a result of the many workshops and seminars we’ve done where individuals like Stephan Schwartz come and present. All it takes is doing what they have taught. It is my belief that many of those attending the seminar or workshop enjoy it. But that’s it, they just enjoy it. “Wow, cool seminar dude.” I don’t believe many apply what was taught.

Remote viewing. Hmm. An amazing tool. I wonder what else it might be used for?