Could I get this blogs three readers to email me back with the answer to this question, please?

What is a right?

And please, I don’t want to know what Webster, Google, or anyone else thinks or says.  I can look up that myself, so don’t waste your time doing that.  Please open your brain and tell me what you think a “right” is.


“A little dab’ll do ya”

Ah, Brylcream, a little dab’ll do ya. Didn’t you just love the Fifties and Sixties? I remember my oldest brother with his “slicked back hair”, a la Fonz from Happy Days. All from a little dab.

So it is possible to “dabble” in this world we have been thrust into? I am talking about those that call, email, or text and tell us they want or their neighbor wants a clearing, but they have no idea what that entails. In the past we have pretty much just done them when requested. But I do believe the winds are now coming from the East and the times are “a changing.” No longer will we “just do them.”

It’s like one of my buddies told me the other day. “I had no idea of the need to repent before you get baptized. I just went and had it done. I now realize that was wrong.”

Is there a reason the Lord Jesus Christ talks about faith, repentance, and then baptism? Does it appear there is an order to these things? Might it be important to follow that order? Or will just a little dab’ll do ya? When Snuffer talked about forming groups or what has become fellowships, didn’t he tell those listening to first form them in a family unit or something similar? But how many immediately formed large groups or even small groups from supposed like-minded individuals? How’s that been working out for many of them? Was there an order to be followed, lessons to be learned first with the family or very close friends before venturing out? When Snuffer talked about being re-baptized, how many just jumped in, like my buddy? Did they declare they had faith and did it? What of repentance?

We have had many people ask for help and we have taken off and helped them. One was a young woman up north with a possessed four-year-old. When we first entered the apartment the little girl hissed at us, said some things a youngster like this isn’t wont to say and went upstairs. As we cleared the portals out of the place we ended upstairs in her bedroom. She stood on the bed hissing at us. Z was able to get her downstairs where the entities were cast out and she “became normal again.” The mother was counseled to change habits and become Christ centered. We didn’t judge her, just wanted to help out. It seems she asked about her tattoos and was told “they are calling cards” for darkness. “Sigils” are a real thing. If you don’t know what a sigil is, I guess you have homework, don’t you. Sorry about the tangent, I seem to be tangential most days.

I guess the “clearing” had lasted for a while. Then last night the man that had referred us to her told me she has asked for help again, that it seems to be back. I guess, unlike Brylcream, just a little dabbling in the light won’t do you. It requires a change of heart, a change of habits, beliefs, false ideas, notions, dogmas, false religious patterns, and turning to Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Just last night another friend emailed and said a friend of his has requested a clearing from us. He then informed me that his friend has refused to read Conquering Spiritual Evil. (We are not here to sell books and that is not why that book was written. It was written to inform and give solid knowledge about what goes on here on this planet and how to deal with it.) Based on our experiences I declined doing a clearing for his friend because he doesn’t seem to have any desire to inform or educate himself to stay cleared. Does this make sense? We have had others tell us they’d like to come by every two weeks to get cleared. Other than for empaths, this just won’t happen. Though I do believe that even if you are working your hardest to become like Him, to keep yourself cleared and full of light as many say, you will still have the occasional need to be cleared. We do live in hell here on this planet and therefore we do get slimed. Sometimes it gets bad enough we just need help. I know I have and have sought help.

But what I’m talking about here are those that won’t help themselves and seem to not want to do the work necessary to stay that way. And it is work, don’t think it isn’t. Constant vigilance is the order of the day, every day. Do you think you agreed to allow our Father to put you here on “Battlefield Earth” to just play in the sand? We came here to grow, to learn understanding and wisdom, and to experience. That means you are in the trenches and learning and growing from it.

We have discussed the gentleman that received a portalcism and clearing a few weeks ago and how he believed he was still being bothered by the dark entities. We did a portalcism yesterday in the SLC area and afterward we went to find food. Seems you can’t do a portalcism without the requisite fasting, so we were quite hungry. This man had called that morning saying he was being bothered and again asked for help. We had him come to the restaurant so we could chat before heading back to paradise—home. After telling us what he was experiencing we answered his questions and it wasn’t at all what he thought it had been.

Before he left he leaned over and told me, “You know, it is empowering to get understanding and knowledge. I mean, before being taught these things I had no idea what was going on and went everywhere trying to get answers, which no one seemed to have. You people have given me the answers and now I do feel empowered. I am learning to take care of these things myself because now I have knowledge.” That wasn’t exactly how he put it, it was much longer, but the gist of it is there.

He’s right you know. Understanding and knowledge does empower an individual. Could Joseph actually have been right?

“A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge and consequently more power than many men who are on earth. Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” (Joseph Smith, DHC 4:588)

I want to change part of that first sentence. A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power FROM the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge and consequently more power than many me who are earth. This captivity is happening now, here, every day. And knowledge is vital to overcoming and overpowering it. So no, a little dab’ll not do ya in regards to becoming empowered and staying clear.

If a clearing is desired, work must be done before the clearing and expect to keep working at it after. Repentance it key, as is turning to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to help in overcoming our habits. Though I don’t know how you can repent and not turn to Him.

Finally, I believe the Gods of Light decided they wanted at least one person here on earth they didn’t have to keep track of the hairs of their head, so they chose my bud, Dale. He is over seventy and has never lost a hair off of his head, well at least it appears that way. So I’m sharing a Brylcream commercial, because I’m sure he groomed himself with it and also because it is totally not PC. Well, also because two of our three readers are youngsters (below age 50) and have no idea that “in the day” a little dab did do you, but surely not in these times.

“Covering all my bases”

Yesterday a friend took me to lunch. During our Mexican feast he told me of a man he knew in Eastern Utah that had joined every church he could find. He had told my friend that he wanted to “cover all [his] bases.” You know, in case one of the many churches happened to be “right” and actually be of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have a friend that told me he had been baptized by some group way up North.

He also told me these people had “Holy Ghosted” him, gave him priesthood and confirmed him a member of their church or group.

Upon hearing this I asked him why he had done such a thing, since he had been baptized in the LDS church as a youth, and into the remnant movement a few years ago. He stated that he just wanted to cover all his bases.

I then asked him if he was going to go to the Methodists and get baptized, then the Catholics, Presbyterians, Lutherans, etc. If it was that important to cover all your bases, then you had better cover all your bases don’t you think? Please don’t think that I am making light of him or this idea of covering your bases. I quite like him and think the world of him. For some it seems to be a legitimate concept and at least they are doing something, right or wrong.

Speaking of covering your bases, I have met people that go from one religious organization or energy worker/healer to many others seeking help for what ails them. In the past I called it “seeking the flavor of the week.” We saw it many times when we did the Ezekiel seminars where more than a few gifted people showed up. We’d watch people go from one gifted person to the next, to the next, and to the next……… (We also have seen where energy/healer workers come to events seeking people to work on. “Oh, you don’t look like you feel well. Can I work on you?” There seems to be no concern about agency, just a need to work on others. So what exactly drives this “need”?)

I met a man that had asked a member of his LDS stake presidency if the LDS church offered any advice or help on hauntings or possession issues. “Not that I know of,” came the reply. After not receiving any help there he went to his old church, the Catholic Church, to get help. There the priest told the man that he had no experience with possession or hauntings and gave him some holy water to use. Others just bring a bottle and get some Holy Water from the basin or whatever it is called. “Holy Water”, you know that good stuff they use to baptize infants. Is that an ordinance looked upon with favor by our Lord Jesus Christ?

“And their little children need no repentance, neither baptism. Behold, baptism is unto repentance to the fulfilling the commandments unto the remission of sins. But little children are alive in Christ, even from the foundation of the world; if not so, God is a partial God, and also a changeable God, and a respecter to persons; for how many little children have died without baptism! Wherefore, if little children could not be saved without baptism, these must have gone to an endless hell. Behold I say unto you, that he that supposeth that little children need baptism is in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity; for he hath neither faith, hope, nor charity; wherefore, should he be cast off while in the thought, he must go down to hell. For awful is the wickedness to suppose that God saveth one child because of baptism, and the other must perish because he hath no baptism. Wo be unto them that shall pervert the ways of the Lord after this manner, for they shall perish except they repent. Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear.” (Moroni 8:11-16, emphasis added)

The Lord Jesus Christ says, “Wo be unto them that shall pervert the ways of the Lord after this manner” and later in verse 23 states that “It is mockery before God.” Is that Priest mocking God by baptizing infants? And if so, does he have a “Wo” pronounced on him? And you want to use water that has been blessed by someone that is mocking God and has a wo pronounced on them? And now you rub it on your body or sprinkle it around your home in order to protect yourself? Protect yourself from what? If these are tools of hell, what will they bring into your home? Just wondering.

Z was woken up in the night and told to study holy water. It seems I wasn’t the only one bothered by people using it. Yes, I know most are completely ignorant and just seek relief from what was plaguing them. Anyway, she dutifully got out of bed, turned on the computer and started her studies. She later told me what she had learned from her studies and what the Savior called “Holy Water.”

The bottom line was a quote by our Savior. “Holy water should be called ‘portals in a bottle.'” Wahoo! We can now take a home that had been cleared of portals and instantly create new ones; no anger, yelling, fighting or screaming required. Or we can put it on ourselves after we’ve had a clearing, you know, to cover all our bases.

One person told us that he had used consecrated oil on himself and the windows and doorways in his home to protect against evil. I asked him if it was his oil or had been given to him and who had consecrated it. He indicated that the Elders had given it to him so it was good. Z spoke up and told him that they didn’t have any priesthood, Elders or not. Does this not beg the same questions as above?

Just because someone comes from a church, and I don’t care what church, does not mean they are always acting in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s suppose that the “Elder” that had consecrated the oil given to you was a district leader in the mission. Let’s suppose the he had just used unrighteous dominion on another Elder or Sister in his district. Does said Elder have any Priesthood? If you answer yes, please take out D&C 121 and read it real carefully. Direct your attention to where the Lord states “Amen to the priesthood or the authority of that man”, do you suppose He really means it, or is it just idle chit chat. Do you want oil from that man? Could it have the same effect as “holy water?” Again, just wondering.

Just because a person, male or female, holds a title or position of authority in a church, fellowship, or group doesn’t mean they are of the Lord Jesus Christ. For some of you that won’t sit well. Good. Go ask the Savior what He thinks. Better yet, read His words in His scriptures. But most of all, pray about it. Take all emotion out, all preconceived ideas and notions out of it, and really pray to find out what He says.

Wow, I just had what might be a brilliant idea. Why don’t we cover our bases by asking our Lord Jesus Christ what He wants us to do, and then do just that? We might even ask about things like Holy Water, oil consecrated by whom, someone laying hands on your head, getting blessings, casting out, and every other thing that might affect your life. Now I can’t take credit for that brilliant idea, it’s in the scriptures, where by the way, it also states that we are not to trust the arm of flesh, well unless you prefer things Telestial.

Oh, one more thing. A woman contacted me many months ago asking for help. I emailed back and said we were several weeks to a month out on our schedule before we could get to her. She emailed back and said she had it covered, so not to worry. I was very grateful for that. She called again two weeks ago and asked for help. The problems have not gone away. We chatted for a while and I asked her to email what is going on.

I guess she was trying to cover all her bases because the last thing she asked me while on the phone was, “Do you have church priesthood?”

Now that’s a question, isn’t it?


The saga continues. (No, this isn’t Star Wars.) I’m grateful for the five responses from our three readers.

Some said things like he “seems not to center, focus, believe, devote, worship, and Trust Christ, so the Old familiar spirits came back.” “He’s turning to everyone and everything EXCEPT God.” And it “seems like faith was exercised in a false religious system.” I really appreciated the responses.

In yesterday’s post it was stated that this dear brother had recently decided to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and change his life. Remember back when you decided the same thing. How adept were you are being able to hear the voice of the Spirit or even discern? Being a “newbie” seems to make it harder to know how to hear, don’t you think. These past 17 years since Denise’s coma and our life revolution, that is the single most common question we have been asked, “How do you hear?” Or “I don’t know how to hear the Lord Jesus Christ.” Could it be that many don’t know how to get revelation? Then there are those that do get it and can’t tell whether it is coming from Light or dark. Now that will get you, won’t it? Though, often the case with the latter problem is the “P” word—pride. We believe we can’t be deceived and those voices are all coming from the Light. Right.

This man is a babe in the Gospel. He is learning how to hear, even how to ask. Everything he experiences is something new and way out of his box. He called us as the last plea for help, which is usually the case. Many seem to exhaust all possibilities for help and then find out about these weirdos from Central Utah and give us a call.

As previously mentioned he called yesterday to say he was having violent attacks. So I asked him to tell me about them. As I explained the worst of what he experienced was the back of his shirt had been grabbed and he felt a “needle” stick him in the toe. I guess it all depends on perspective doesn’t it.

I know that all of the portals in his home and on his property were destroyed, removed and the land healed. He had been taught to shield properly. If he did all that had been taught then what gives? What give is what has happened to many others that choose a path of repentance and following the Lord Jesus Christ. I called “Z-Lock” to get her opinion and have her look.

What “Z-lock” concurred with was yes, this man was being visited by spirits from the other side of the veil. She saw his shielding intact against all evil spirits and dark entities, so how did they get through?

Simple, they were not evil or dark entities. They were his ancestors trying to get his attention. I think most of us like to believe we are not being watched or monitored in this life. Not so Watson. Our ancestors are especially aware of what we are about, what is going on in our lives. When this man decided to make a change in his life and follow the Savior, do you think they took notice? And if they are “stuck” in their progression and realize now they might have a chance if he really changes and “awakens” to what could be done for them, do you think they might “contact” him?

Yes. Shielding will not keep your ancestors out since they are not considered evil. Yes, some might be and they won’t be able to get through. It was his ancestors that came through the shielding and were doing the grabbing of the shirt and poking of the toe.

He was told that when they show up the next night he might want to tell them that he is in the process of repentance, changing his life, coming unto Christ, and they need to give him time. He might want to tell them that he is willing to help them in their progression, every one of them, after he is ready and gains understanding and knowledge. He might want to ask them to have patience.

That night when the room filled up again with spirits, he didn’t go into his normal panic mode. Instead he said what I wrote above and more. Guess what? They all left. He then went upstairs and it filled up. He told them the same thing and they all left.

Then he went to bed and slept soundly. Simple.

Are there other circumstances where this might not work or something else needs to be done? Of course, there are always “other circumstances.” That is why it is so key that we learn to get revelation and make sure it comes from the Gods of Light. Will he ever have problems again? Of course he will. He is human. We all learn from our mistakes and errors don’t we? Remember, there is only one sinless Man that has walked the earth and it sure isn’t me or you.

Take care Sherlock.


Deductive Reasoning

Hey Sherlock, let’s go over some facts and see what we come up with. Okay?

The following is a composite of several “experiences” which hopefully will lead to a conclusion. Wish me luck.

A couple called and asked for help. They had heard about us from another source and evidently were at the end of their collective rope, meaning they had little hair left from pulling it all out. It seems that a while back they had decided to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and change their lives. Since that moment they have been “bothered” by evil entities.

Having tried the local LDS priesthood to no avail, they moved on to the holy Catholic church and a priest there. No relief or help was encountered there either. Energy workers hadn’t done much for them either. They would invite the missionaries over to pray with them and that seemed to help for a few hours, but then it came back.

The man would be attacked at night. All kinds of things had been done to him. There were times sitting in his family room he could see the dark shapes walking back and forth. Night time was literally a nightmare. They mainly showed up around 3:00 AM. What they did to him then caused anxiety attacks. He has lost all kinds of weight and has health issues because of it. Once he dared mention what was going on to his medical doctor and was asked if he had schizophrenia or psychosis in the family. He left the doctor’s office with not one, but two prescriptions. (You know how bad those hallucinations can get…..)

As a last resort we were contacted and he asked for help. I will always vet anyone that calls that I don’t know. Especially after I find out they don’t know much about us, other than we might be able to help. So there was some back and forth as he was vetted. To be honest, I really dread going where they aren’t familiar with us and how “unusual” we are. It takes much more effort getting them prepped and understanding what is going on and how we do things. Old timers that have been around our workshops or at least have dealt with energy workers, which we are not, seem to be more open.

He was desperate so I mailed the book Conquering Spiritual Evil with a note asking him to read what he could, but to especially read the chapter on shielding. Most want us there the next day, but preparation is required with both parties in these things, so I put him off for about ten days. He called and told me he got the book and looked forward to our coming.

A little over a week later we found ourselves outside his home getting ready to go in. We don’t have any “Ghostbuster” equipment except the Lord Jesus the Christ, our warrior guardians and authority, but we do carry various talismans and such that help. None of which is obvious to anyone looking at us. We went in and chatted a bit and then all of the outside and inside portals were destroyed and cleared along with any dark evil entities and the land healed.

After finishing, Z rested a bit and we chatted with the family. Then a clearing was done for the man and woman, after which much instruction was given. They were taught how to clear themselves, their home, and property. Then to shield themselves, their home and property. They were taught about putting up inner shields to keep the thoughts and emotions of the entities outside their property from coming into their minds while sleeping. We even taught them about containment shielding and how to set that up and use it. All of this is designed to keep them safe and allow peaceful sleeping and living on their property.

There was the concern that being completely new to all of our weirdness, he wouldn’t understand or perhaps have a lack of faith. Or worse yet, go to his “church authority” and ask about what we had done. Yes, the authority that had already told him their church offers nothing about how to deal with this kind of thing except raising their arm to the square and casting out, which he had done and it didn’t work. Others have done the same, asking someone with zero experience if what we are suggesting is right. You may as well go to your local plumber and inquire about brain surgery or even better yet, ask the brain surgeon about wiring your home. Both deal with electrical circuits, so it should be the same thing, right?

We have done portalcisms at nearly fifty homes and know that it works. We have taught shielding to thousands of people and know it works. Z sees it working. I have seen shielding and have seen it working. But even some experienced in “energy” work and this kind of thing have issues at times.

So when I received a text two days later I wasn’t surprised.

“I am having violent attacks and could use your assistance.”

I texted back, “How are you doing? What caused them?”

“Not sure. Happened at 3 this morning. Is it possible to get a visit from you? Shielding not working. Hit heavy Xmas day.”

We chatted on the phone and he said he followed our instructions about shielding, but it hadn’t worked. The “attacks” had come again. I asked for him to explain the attacks. He said an entity had grabbed the back of his shirt. Another one had stuck him in the toe with what felt like a needle. These two were all that he could think of. He also told me that since he had been Catholic in the past he had gone to the local Catholic priest and had obtained holy water, which he had sprinkled around at times when the attacks occurred.

Well, there you have it Sherlock. What would you offer or tell this man? I know what my friend “Z-lock” has said and I concur with it. The comment section on this blasted blog is turned off. If you want to be Sherlock, just email me.

We will discuss the possibilities tomorrow.



Mind Expansion

So how was your week? Did you experience? Did you learn? Anything?

We ended up doing a real quick trip to Arizona this week. It seems that when little children are pulled out of bed by demonic entities it gets Z’s dander up and our response time gets ramped up. The children were way cute and I’m glad they will get some relief now.

But now to an experience or two. We were driving north and I was enjoying looking at a few stars as I drove the borrowed van we were all in. One really bright star caught my attention, straight ahead only a little to the left. The road was incredibly straight at that point so I was able to take a long look at this star. Then it began to slowly move from the left side of the road to the right side in my line of sight. Wow, I thought, the road must be slowly curving.

Then out of the blue Z makes a statement, “In the sky there are planets, stars, and ships.”

I must admit, the thought had occurred to me it was a ship, but I immediately had dismissed it. I’m not that lucky to see “ships” I thought.

Then as I was watching what I now realized was a ship she said, “And sometimes ships just blink out.”

It instantly blinked out and was gone. She knew they were going to leave or go stealth!!! I asked if they could come back and land right in front of us. Z’s only comment was their presence would burn the rest of us in the van. I remembered from my studies how terrestrial beings have a higher frequency and will actually harm those of us that don’t “vibrate” at their level. Why do you think it won’t be good for those on the earth when the various Zions that have gone up come back? If we don’t have their level of spiritual frequency we can’t be in their presence without burning up. Nevertheless, I was content to have seen this “UFO.” Z had identified it and was in conversation with them. What are the inhabitants of the Zions that have gone up doing? Probably testing us, helping us, and protecting us. Work. Pretty cool experience.

I have found that when I raise my spirituality and frequency through the various means we have taught at the workshops and in the books, fun things will happen, like seeing a ship. Last week we had finished a portalcism and clearing, and since we had fasted for a few days before we were kind of famished. At the restaurant I was sitting across from Z when I started to describe a demonic control device that had been on the man’s chest. It was modern looking and electronic. I told Z that when I first saw the device before asking the Savior to remove it, I wanted it to look different than it actually was. Suddenly she started to crack up laughing. I realized that she was very clearly seeing what I was visualizing in my mind. The world calls it telepathy. (I had wanted the device to be like something out of a Frankenstein movie with large knobs and levers with lightening flying all around.)

What a great way to experience a gift that is normal to those of Zion. When I am at a high enough level of frequency and spirituality I have found that I can send Z my thoughts and intents and she easily “sees” them. She can hear and see them anyway, but it is fun to actually knowingly send them and know she received them. Practice.

Years ago I had a very gifted friend that has since transitioned that was telepathic. She was also fun to be around, especially when she would answer my questions without me ever voicing it. She taught Relief Society lessons in her church and was always very disappointed hearing the thoughts of the women in the room as they wondered what to make for dinner, their looks, about their kids, other people, etc. Very few were ever connected to the lesson being given.

Through conversations with others on this Arizona trip I had some understandings strengthened.

Frequency is one of those natural laws I have mentioned in past posts. It is a tool. Anyone can raise their frequency using the methods taught and many not taught. And no, using a hallucinogenic is not what I’m talking about. Those are false ways into other supposed realities and are harmful, many times allowing entities to enter into you. I’m talking “vibration.” Raising it is raising your frequency. As I said, anyone can do this.

The potential problem is when someone raises their frequency and does not raise their spirituality towards the Gods of Light at the same time. Part of the process of translation is to raise your frequency. If you have read our books, you know that everything has its opposite. (Another one of those natural laws. Hmm.) If a person raises their frequency and is dark spiritually they will then be at a level to translate into darkness. Though they will be in a lot of trouble because of not knowing what they are doing and then the adversary can really mess with them. Hell awaits these with great relish.

The idea and hope is to raise your frequency and spiritual light at the same time. And just because a person says or tells you they are “of light” does not make it so. I have met individuals that have made that statement and then have come for a clearing. They seem to be the ones most covered with devices and entities. Those that are humbly working out their salvation with fear and trembling seem to be the ones with the least amount of “stuff” on or attached to them. Though some have had employment where they dealt with nothing but evil, didn’t know about shielding or casting off, and are covered in weapons and other assorted crud the adversary has thrown at them. Clearings are a good thing.

A real good thing to understand is if you want to play in the game, learn the rules. Otherwise you will be out when you hit the ball and run to third base. No matter how much whining is done, you will still be out.

Learning. What a good thing.

“No thanks”

Two days ago we received a referral from someone about a family that said they needed help with some entities that were bothering them in their home and the homes of their children.

I called the man and talked to him. He explained what was going on and expressed the desire for any help that could be given. We prefer an email since we get bombarded with requests and if they have emailed us it is less likely to fall through the cracks. He asked me to text him our email address so he and his wife could write down their stories and send them to us. I did as requested.

A while after I had sent him a text of our emailed address a text came back from him that said, “No thanks.”

Wow, I thought, he must have changed his mind. I sent a text back telling him it wasn’t a problem he had changed his mind and hoped he could get the needed help. There was no response back.

A half hour later I received an email from him and his wife enumerating the problems they were having in their homes and in their lives with entities. This really confused me since he had just texted me saying “no thanks.” So I emailed him back asking if he had again changed his mind. He then called me and asked what I was talking about saying they had changed their minds?

I told him all that had happened and he said that neither he nor his wife had sent a text saying “No thanks.” He said they wanted and needed the help.

Then memories flooded into my mind of the time back in the year 2000 when I was working on our first book, My Peace I Give Unto You. As it was being written my computer would crash. We’d fix it and it would crash again. I mentioned the problem to a friend who had written a paper about how spiritual evil works and he said the same thing had happened to him. Finally, he learned that if he printed a physical copy of each chapter as it was finished the computer crashes never happened again. I followed his advice and had the same results—no more computer crashes.

Entities can and do mess with our electronics.

Snuffer had contracted us to record the ten talks he gave a few years ago. We knew we needed to have back up devices recording him and typically had four to five of them. At the first talk in Boise, the electronics in two six hundred dollar machines fried. One was a brand new one we had just bought. We sent it back to the company and they said they had never seen anything like it and there was no way it could be repaired. Yes, entities can and do mess with electronics.

My wife and I observed yesterday how many people are so tied to their electronics that the adversary’s minions don’t need to mess with us, they already own us. How, you ask?

I had taken my sweetheart to a restaurant and after I gave my name to the hostess she then asked for my cell phone number.

“Why do you need that,” I asked.

“When your table is ready we will call you on it,” she responded.

“I don’t have a cell phone with me, I left it in the car,” I answered back.

From her look I think I must have turned Martian green, grown antennae, sprouted purple hair (though that isn’t uncommon today), and became instantly skinny (in my dreams).

“We’ll just come out and announce your name,” she then said.

I went back to the waiting area and sat by my wife. She then held my hand and put her head on my shoulder as I told her about what had just taken place. We both looked around the waiting area and every couple there was on their cell phone looking at whatever, not interacting with their wife, husband, or date they had come with. The couples were teens all the way up the age scale to seniors, all on their devices not communicating with each other. I told Dianne that I really preferred to be connected to her and not some electronic device. She snuggled her head in a little closer. It was quite nice to say the least. Wonder if those people get the same effect as they snuggle into their electronic devices? Actually they do. It has been shown that when those little noises go off telling us we have a text or an email, or someone gives you a “like”, a neurotransmitter or chemical is released in the brain gives a person pleasure. Don’t you just love those dopamine highs? We should rename everyone “Pavlov”, since they have conditioned us to respond in this way. Are we so addicted to those little electronic “lovers” that we don’t need personal relationships, so much so that when we go out to eat, or to a movie our new “lover” must come with us and the “heck” with that “fleshy” person sitting near us?

My wife and I went to the opening of a Marvel movie a year ago. The theater was full and there were about 95% males there. The instant it was over they all took out their devices and started checking them. It actually looked so coordinated I was startled and kind of laughed. It looked robotic as they pulled them out and turned them on, all in unison. Do you think they have an addiction? No interaction with the people they had gone to the movie with, just their device.

That is why I was not surprised to read the following in an article:

“The report suggests that over a quarter of 18-34 year-olds will feel it’s normal to form friendships and even romantic relationships with robots in the future instead of humans. And it seems that men are more likely to embrace the bots, with the report indicating that males are three times more likely to form a relationship with a robot than women.(They already have.)

The adversary addicted many of us a long time ago when gaming came out, followed by more advanced electronics. While on a road trip with my bud Dave, I asked a restaurant server what percent of the couples or families that came to their upscale restaurant stayed on their electronic device for most of the night. “Seventy to eighty percent,” was her reply.

I don’t believe that the adversary’s minions need to interfere with our communications much these days, seems they pretty much already own most of us.

“Hey, Alexa, what do you think about………..”


Last week while was preparing for the workshop we did yesterday my sweetheart came in the room and handed me two 3 X 5 cards with some writing on them.

“I found these on the kitchen floor and wondered if you had dropped them,” she said.

“No,” I replied, “I haven’t been in that stack of cards for quite some time.”

We both wondered how in the world the two cards had “arrived” on the kitchen floor. She had just swept and mopped it and knew there had not been anything there a few minutes before. A few days later I was at Z’s home and brought the cards out of my shirt pocket and asked, “Do these two cards have the ‘fingerprints’ or energy of a certain translated being of light on them?”

She gave them a long look and then seemed quite surprised. “Yes, they do,” she responded. “Why?” she added matter-of-factly.

(In order to play in her sandbox with the “hidden world” it requires a person to have a much wider view of nature than that which most people have or is ordinarily taken.)

I told her I felt he wanted what was on them taught at the workshop. She then nodded her head and said that indeed he does. I won’t go into what it might take for a translated being of light to condescend or lower his/her frequency to the point of becoming physical in order to pick up two cards and then place them on the kitchen floor where my wife would notice them. Though it does make me wonder when he came and read all the 3 X 5 cards I have written notes on…

On one them I had written some scriptural references to portals, which we talked about at the workshop. Also a reference to 1 Chronicles 20:6 – “And yet again there was war at Gath, where was a man of great stature, whose fingers and toes were four and twenty, six on each hand, and six on each foot: and he also was the son of the giant.” Hmm. Six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot and being large in stature, the son of a giant. Sounds like a great topic. Maybe one of you will write about it.

The main subject the translated being wanted brought to the workshop was about how evil works. One side of the cards said:

Satanism: The collection, focus, and direction of energies. Evil or Satanists act as one mind or act together. They have unity in acts, thoughts, and dark emotions. When all three aspects of consciousness are unified and not in opposition or contradiction to each other, the universe will respond in kind to that kind of unanimity or energy.

I feel what he wanted us to understand is that evil uses tools that have been given to mortality to help us. A tool, for example a hammer, can be used to create or destroy, for good or evil. The problem is evil seems to have the upper hand on this understanding. If and when those of light use the collection, focus, and directions of energies they will be able to accomplish great things –as a group. Some dare call this Zion. Our acts, thoughts, and emotions need to be ONE. We have written about this in I See….Awake!

The universe applies its laws to all equally. I’m talking about Natural Law or God’s Law. Like it states above, when all three aspects of consciousness is unified, not in opposition or contradiction, the universe responds to that energy. Whether you are of a light or dark nature it doesn’t matter.

It is important to understand that laws operate in the metaphysical as well as the physical realms. In fact, the great laws of nature are working in the invisible world far more than they are in the visible, just ask those with spiritual sight!

I mentioned yesterday that I asked one of the two people I know that have been fully redeemed about why he has never taught or talked openly about Natural Law. He felt it would be abused. Well I have news for ya’all. It is being abused every day by satanists and those of the dark occult in order to keep us ignorant, compliant, and fully unenlightened slaves. And yes, if we don’t understand what the enemy is doing to us, we are slaves. So for goodness sake, keep yourselves ignorant of how they use God’s laws to keep you that way. Evil loves compliant, dogmatic, order takers and followers. Oh, I mean slaves.

There is another aspect that when we are given knowledge, we then become accountable for it. It is for this reason I believe most of us don’t want to know because of the responsibility that comes with knowing this knowledge or any knowledge for that matter. If you know, then it seems you must then act or be condemned. “Lord, I love my ignorance, it keeps me ‘safe’ and I won’t have to do anything! But hey, can I come where You are?”

Knowledge is a neutral tool, like the aforementioned hammer. The consciousness of the holder of that tool determines whether it is used for good or evil. Sometimes it can be a dangerous thing to wake someone up. If knowledge is used for good it uplifts humanity and human consciousness. If used for evil it enslaves, manipulates, and controls. Ooh, can we say D&C 121 again.

Evil works through fear and manipulation. This can be accomplished through a hierarchy where you have a chain of command and expected obedience, even blindly so. They also use compartmentalization where the “grunts” have no idea what those above them are doing and there is no accountability from above to the grunts either. They are expected to just do the work and not question anything. “Now David, you be a good little slave and do what you are told and you will be blessed.” Cue the music. “Follow the….”

Evil works hard to keep knowledge occulted (hidden). The two things they don’t want you to know which includes Natural Law is:

  1. How the mind works – the psyche.
  2. Knowledge of Natural Law, the physical sciences and laws of God that governs behavior.

In doing this they are indeed unified in acts, thoughts, and dark evil emotions. Satanists have been extremely good at keeping us in the dark as to how these things work. Satanism is the ideology that is running the world and keeping it in slavery. Do you think that if you are controlled you are probably a part of Satanism in some degree? Let’s think about this, God, our Father and His Son Jesus Christ, don’t do “control.” Satan does and fell because of it. This world is run by control through your government, employer, family, friends, school, and even your religious organization. So is all of that satanic to some degree? Or if they control in any degree, do we say “amen” and know they are satanists? Remember, there are only two churches or ways of being, the Lord Jesus Christ’s and everything else.

Are satanists and those of evil intent just ancient psychologists who are knowledgeable and hold and wield hidden information in ways which exploit those who remain ignorant of it?

And we will never overcome what has been done to us until we know what they know?

So when we have a workshop and ask the eighty or so wonderful people in the room how many of them know what Natural Law or God’s Law is, and less than a handful of people raise their hands, does that give us an indication of who is “winning” and why? And nearly every one of them had raised their hand when I asked if they had read I See….Awake! where we enumerate them. We truly are asleep and apparently enjoying it. “Roll over Marge and give me some covers!”

The evil that understands these things know they a huge power differential by understanding Natural Law and thereby can exploit the 99.99%, or the masses who do remain ignorant of this critical “hidden knowledge.” This small group of elitists who are “in the know” want to permanently rule and reign with blood and horror over the masses of humanity and become God on Earth, their goal.

The vast majority of satanists are not what you see in the movies involved in black or satanic masses with a high priest killing some blonde teenage virgin on an altar surrounded by his sycophantic admirers worshiping some external god called Satan. They see Satanism as an ideological way of being in the world. Their god is their Ego-Driven-Self, it is all about them and what they can gain in possessions, cars, homes, and toys. Including how many people they can express power over, running their lives according to what drives them, their ego.

Of course all of them are being driven by evil from the unseen world and the “elite” at the highest levels do converse with Satan, his Lords and minions. Just as the bloodline on the side of Light is important with the Lord Jesus Christ, they mimic the same thing and have their satanic bloodlines that are the real rulers under Satan on the mortal side of this world.

It might be important to come out from under the covers of ignorance and learn how and why you are being manipulated, coerced, and kept in slavery of the conscious mind. It is through freeing that consciousness in the Lord Jesus Christ that you can become truly free, see how you have been blinded and come out from under it, in Him. Then by applying the Natural Laws under His direction you and your friend may become a force for good in this hell hole we live in.

Now I’m out from under what that certain translated being wanted communicated yesterday and where I didn’t have time enough to convey it. I will now go wipe his fingerprints off of those cards.

Take care all.

Preparation (no “H” here)

“And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” (Matt. 17:20-21, emphasis added)

Fasting and prayer, or sacrifice. We discuss this in the book I See….Awake! in chapter 5 titled “Law of Sacrifice and Covenants.” Might be worthwhile skimming over again, or maybe actually reading it.

Why are we discussing this? Simple. There have been more than a few people email, text, or call and ask if they can have a “clearing” during the upcoming workshop we are doing on Dec. 2. I have told them that we expend so much energy doing clearings that we would not be able to do the workshop and vice versa. Then they will say how sorry they are that this happens, etc.

“This happens” because it is a universal law that when spiritual work is being done, physical and spiritual energy is being used. Remember when the Lord Jesus Christ made the statement in Luke 8:43-46, “Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.” Light or energy left him and went to the woman that had touched him and she was healed. A good friend that has since transitioned was set apart as an LDS church patriarch. He was told after the setting apart to make sure he didn’t do more than two to three blessings a week. Why? It takes physical energy to call down the powers of heaven and recovery time is needed. In many ways doing spiritual work is harder than physical work. Closing portals takes tremendous energy. Doing clearings, looking with spiritual sight into their body and seeing what is there in order to declare it and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to remove it takes tremendous energy.

I know, I’ll just ask Jesus the Christ to do all of it. If this was how it worked, why would He even need us in the first place? It requires a mortal to lay hands, help close portals, declare, to cast out in His name, to do the work, along with Him and always in His name, with His permission and guidance.

When we first started doing what we now call portalcisms, the Spirit told us that we would be required to fast and pray before attending to the dark portals. The first one required four days of fasting among other things. Why? To get ready. It also requires increased study of scriptures and whatever else the Savior requires you to study. Meditation is required to get ready. Being able to connect with the Lord Jesus Christ and be shown what you are about to encounter is an immense blessing, but it takes effort. Prayer is essential, as is casting out your own ego, asking to be a hollow bone or conduit to what needs to be said and done, repenting, asking forgiveness, seeking permission of Him to even be clearing this particular property or person, and thanking Him for the opportunity to serve Him and the people. There is much that goes into the preparation.

Basically the same things are required before someone comes for a clearing. So when someone shows up and asks for a clearing or portalcism we typically will tell them it needs to be scheduled. I guess if they want a low-level BS kind of effort, we could just do it right then. Because without the proper preparation that is what it would most likely become. Granted there are times when people ask for a blessing and it is required right then. But that is not a portalcism or a clearing.

What I didn’t understand in the beginning was the amount of energy that would be expended doing the work of portalcisms and clearings. One time we decided to do some 12 clearings in one day. It took four or five hours to complete all of them. After Z went home I went outside where many of my family had gathered for a barbeque. After a short while I realized I felt really ill. Excusing myself, I went to my bedroom where I basically crawled next to the bed on the floor and went to sleep for two hours. It took a day or so for it to finally wear off. I would come to realize that this was just part of the “deal.” We recently did five portalcisms in four days in Arizona, plus nine clearings. Eight of those clearings were with one family. After that trip it took four to five days to feel like a human again. Z had the same experience. We took several people with us to help out with the smaller portals and they all experienced the same thing – being very tired after it was over. (Yes, we are in the process of training people.)

We are not sharing this to elicit your sympathy or pity. We especially are not sharing to show how “wonderful” we are. We aren’t, all we want to do is what our Lord and Savior desires of us. We just want you to understand why sometimes these things take days or weeks to prepare for. And sometimes it takes days to recover after doing them. My friend Snuffer warned me once about doing too many, one after another, and making sure Z got the proper recovery time in between. We were discussing this concept last night and Z mentioned how after doing the last property and home in Arizona I looked pretty wilted. “The only thing holding him up was literally the Lord Yeshua the Christ,” she mentioned. I agreed.

Hopefully this will help some understand what goes into doing the Lord Jesus Christ’s spiritual work. And that doesn’t take into account what the individuals on the receiving end might need to do in preparation before the event even takes place.

Joseph Smith explained the principle in the Lectures on Faith:

“Let us here observe, that a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has the power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation; for, from the first existence of man, the faith necessary unto the enjoyment of life and salvation never could be obtained without the sacrifice of all earthly things. It was through this sacrifice, and this only, that God has ordained that men should enjoy eternal life; and it is through the medium of the sacrifice of all earthly things that men do actually know that they are doing the things that are pleasing in the sight of God. When a man has offered in sacrifice all that he has for the truth’s sake, not even withholding his life, and believing before God that he has been called to make this sacrifice because he seeks to do his will, he does know, most assuredly, that God does and will accept his sacrifice and offering, and that he has not, nor will seek his face in vain.” (Lecture Sixth, emphasis added)

This statement from lectures also includes the last thing we must be willing to give up in order to truly do His work – our life, if needed. Are you willing to give up your life to the person that you have just put your hands on their head to voice a blessing or do a clearing? If you eventually learn to close portals, are you willing to give your life for that family in order to clear their property and home? If you believe what Joseph explained in Lectures on Faith, even that is a requirement – “not even withholding his life.” If you don’t believe this is a requirement then as Joseph said, you will never gain the faith necessary for eternal life. All of this must be done without any kind of pride. We are nothing, our Lord Jesus the Christ is the true healer, clearer, and destroyer of portals. All is done in His name and under His direction. He has proven himself, we are the ones on trial here, trying to prove ourselves. There can be no pride in this of any kind. In fact, if you approach a larger portal with any pride at all, they will have you in their power and own you. Who are “they”? The Adversary and his minions.

Preparation and sacrifice is necessary. If you are told by the Savior to ask for help, patience is recommended. After all, you will be dealing with a very flawed mortal – me.


I would like to challenge each of you to slap your bare leg as hard as you can to see if you can put a print of your hand on it. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If you did so, it might leave a red mark in the outline of your hand and fingers. But would it show the fingernails? Would it show the folds of skin on the knuckles with striking definition? Would it remind you of the Shroud of Turin in many ways? How about just the standard red mark that would slowly fade after a few minutes or would it take the entire day to fade away?

Take a look at the picture below and see if it is similar to the red mark you now have on your leg. Oh, you say you didn’t slap your leg? Where is your sense of scientific wonder? Don’t we all want EVIDENCE? About everything?

How many times have I heard that these things we discuss aren’t real, that those entities can’t attack you or people just “make it up”? Let’s see them make up a red “burn” mark on their leg that shows the outline of the fingernails and folds of skin on the knuckles. You can’t do it, can you?

This a photo of a woman’s leg after she woke up the other morning. We know “hot” can cause our skin to turn red or burn us, but this would have been from a very dark evil translated being who would be extremely “cold.” Can cold burn your skin? Absolutely. Go stick some dry ice on your leg for a while and see what happens. (Actually, don’t do that, it might cause problems besides just burning that spot on your leg.)

Wow, see the size of this beings hands? They are not little people on that side of the veil, either Light or dark.

Many years ago a young girl of 3, then 4, then 5 years of age and older, would be taken to hell many nights and tortured. She would beg her parents to not let the big mean men come and get her at night. “Oh, Sweetie, you’re just having nightmares or dreaming.” In their efforts to explain scratches, cuts, and scars on her little body they’d say that she was just very active. Finally they took her to see the medical doctors, I mean “mental” doctors. She soon learned to keep her mouth shut, but still endured the endless nights being taken to hell. She knows what the picture above is all about, from her own experiences. Her parents were very kind, but had not understanding of these things.

The young woman, Alyssa, whom we wrote about in our books whose veil dropped at sixteen-years-of-age, would wake up in the morning with all kinds of marks and signs carved into her flesh. She sent me pictures of them. Things like “666” carved into the back of her neck. I hardly shared them because one person said that she or her family could have carved those things into her body. How did I know they were real? Because she said so.

That is why I would like you to slap your leg silly and show me how to make it appear as it does in the photo above.

What we are writing about is real. Real hard and tough on many people. If your daughter woke up and had something like the above photo or marks carved into her body, I would hope you’d believe her and offer her help. And I don’t mean of the mental health kind. Though they’d love to drug her up to make her docile and “easy to deal with.” She may have some trauma issues to deal with as I guarantee there would be another mark on the other leg, as there was here that I didn’t show. We won’t discuss that now.

If you don’t know how, do you think it might be good to learn to clear yourself and learn to shield yourself daily? Just saying. If you have been temple endowed, your temple garments will help. But only if they have been consecrated and dedicated with honest priesthood. (The ones you get in the package are just material or underwear with marks sewn in them. They have not been consecrated and dedicated.) Such consecrated and dedicated things do offer power and protection over evil.

You all take real good care of yourselves!