Doug Tales 14: Earthbound Spirits, Part Two

What would you do if your child told you someone they could not see called their name whenever they went by a particular location? Doug Mendenhall faced this circumstance with his youngest daughter Denise (not long after her NDE), and learned a few things about earthbound spirits in the process. He talked about that experience, and also had his sighted friend added some observations, in I See…Awake! (2015), pp. 200-203:

When Denise was young she had to go over a bridge behind our home to visit a friend. She always heard a young boy call out her name from under the bridge. It frightened her, and she never responded. Finally, she told me about it.

I felt impressed to call the friend’s mother who was gifted and thought she might be able to help. She agreed to meet Denise and me at the bridge along with her young son that was also without a veil.

At the bridge, her son called out to the spirit that was under the bridge and told his mother that the spirit was his friend that he played with him all the time. “But he can’t leave the water, Mom,” he told her.

The mother talked to the boy and told him that his parents missed him and that he should go to them. Denise made the comment that he needed to go to Christ. So the mother told him to look up to see the Lord, and he ought to go to Him. The boy spirit did, and her son said, “There he goes,” pointing upward. It was a great experience.

Denise made the comment that he was an earthbound spirit and had been there since pioneer times, trapped in the water.

I have related about the earthbound man that lived in our home in Taylorsville, Utah. He had been killed in an auto accident and told me that I was the one that was dead, and I should get out of his home. He followed Denise around because she could see him.

There was an earthbound spirit that I tried to talk to using an Irish accent. He thought I was making fun of him and was quite offended. He started to do all kinds of poltergeist activity around our home, throwing pots around, tipping things over, etc. These are just a few of the earthbound spirits we have encountered. Some don’t know they have transitioned, some are angry, still have addictions and don’t want to move on. Some are of an evil nature.

Back story on earthbound spirits: From our friend Kitten: “There have been quite a number of people that experienced NDEs who have returned stating they were unaware of transitioning until circumstances and/or others (usually Angels) spoke to them and pointed out specific types of physical features as well as help them recall events which led to the ejection from their body. Death can be instantaneous. If there is no phasing effect or sensations whereby the mortal and immortal are able to detect transitioning from mortal living to the immortal state, the person can become quite confused. Most people are so centered upon their mortal lives, they are totally unaware of anything beyond that. Therefore, if there is a sudden death, the person would be under the erroneous belief they are still in mortality.

“Because there are different levels of intelligence, a person who is naturally of a lower intelligence will have difficulty discerning if they are in the mortal or immortal state. Also the young with little life experience can have this same problem. This is not to say those who are born mentally challenged, or become mentally challenged due to illness, accident, or experience some type of insult to the brain which leaves them brain damaged are of a lower intellect naturally.

“There is an amazing number of intellectually low spirits being born upon this planet. It is through experience they gain greater knowledge and enhancement to their intellects. Sadly there are others who have been convinced they are intellectually inferior, to associated others, who carry that same belief upon transitioning (a.k.a. die). Hence whether they are mortal or immortal, they continue in the somewhat confused state with the belief there is nothing else other than mortal life.

“There are some whose transition is so violent they are literally terrified of moving from where they ended up. There are victims of violent crimes who were told they were to stay in the one spot or they would be beaten even more than what they had been previously. Although they actually died from the injuries, they are afraid to leave the area. Others become so locked to the situation they cannot think to move away from it, like the small boy that drowned many years ago in the stream behind Denise’s home.”

Doug Tales 13: Earthbound Spirits, Part One

Doug Mendenhall’s paternal grandmother was a full-blooded Native American, so he was always interested in anything involving those of similar ancestry. Many years ago, he drove to the next county fifty miles south of his home in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, and ended up helping some Native American spirits who were still bound to this Earth. They, in turn, helped Doug in an unexpected way for a season, as he explains in I See…Awake! (2015), pp. 197-200:

One day I was at a gifted/sighted friend’s home chatting when the Spirit told me to drive to Salina, Utah, which was about a one hour drive from my home. She had heard the request by the Spirit and asked me what was in Salina and why the Lord wanted me to go there.

I responded that I had no idea. I left her home, went to my house to tell Dianne that I needed to go to Salina and didn’t know why.

While I was driving south on Hwy 89, a vision opened to my mind of a cemetery that was surrounded on three sides by hills. On those hills I saw thousands of Lamanites or Native Americans. The cemetery and surrounding hills reminded me of the old University of Utah football stadium, shaped like a “U” filled to capacity with these ancient people on the hills. I wondered where it could be.

As I drove through Salina, the Spirit told me to turn left at the stop light. I had been through Salina many times but never stopped there except to get fuel and food. I drove several blocks east and finally entered what I thought was a construction yard. On the other side of the construction yard was a cemetery surrounded by hills on three sides. It was exactly what I had witnessed in my vision!

I drove to the end of the cemetery and was told to get out and pray for the Lamanites that were on the surrounding hillsides. Finding the largest headstone at the east end, I got out and knelt down behind it, embarrassed that someone might “see” me kneeling and praying. Later I thought this would not be strange for others to see someone kneeling near a grave, but at that time I was embarrassed.

The prayer didn’t last very long. I prayed by the Spirit and by the power of the Priesthood released them from their prison. I really didn’t understand the words that were given to me to say. Instead of “Heavenly Father,” it was “Great Father.”

Afterward I got into the car and drove back to my home. As I drove I could feel most of these Lamanites following me home. When I got home, I told my wife of the experience but never mentioned it to anyone else.

A few weeks later my daughter, Denise, came up to me and said, “Dad, our yard is full of Lamanites. Do you know why?”

I told her my experience, and she was satisfied. I asked why they had followed me home and were staying in our yard. She said they were there to protect us, and she walked away.

Several weeks later some good friends were flying to Hawaii and wanted blessings before they went. I voiced blessings on both of them, a mother and her daughter. Both were told that half of the Lamanites in my yard would accompany them to Hawaii to protect them and be with them. I thought that was unusual, but didn’t say much about it.

After they had been home from Hawaii for about a week, Denise came up to me and said, “Dad, you remember those Lamanites that I told you about in our yard?”

“Yes, I remember them,” I said.

“Well about half of them are now wearing hula skirts and are doing the hula. They don’t do it very well.”

I told her about the blessings to our friends and how half of the Lamanites went with our friends to protect them.

“Oh, that explains the hula skirts,” she answered.

The back story: Denise explains the story behind the story: “These Lamanites lived in the Salina area during Book of Mormon times and were involved in a battle in which they had been killed. Like many earthbound spirits that die a sudden death, they did not know they were “dead” for a long time. Every day they would have battles again with their enemies. This went on for a long time.

“Somehow they realized they were dead and asked for help. That is when the Lord inspired my Dad to go to Salina and do what he did. After they “went to the light” some of them asked the Lord for permission to come and be a protector for our family. We progress on both sides of the veil by doing service for others.

“So one day I noticed that there were huge muscular Lamanites in our yard. I asked my dad if he knew why they were there and he told me about going to Salina, the cemetery, blessing and releasing them.

“I asked them what they were doing in our yard, and they said that they felt an obligation to my dad for releasing them at the cemetery. They were going to stay in our yard to protect our family. They actually stood shoulder to shoulder all the way around our yard. They were huge and powerful.

“Later I noticed that half of them were gone. I didn’t think much about it. They weren’t shoulder to shoulder any more, but still were protecting our property and family.

“Then two weeks later all of them were back in our yard again, but this time half of them were wearing hula skirts and trying unsuccessfully to do the hula dance.

“I asked my dad again and he told me about the blessing for our friends that went to Hawaii. That explained the hula skirts on the Lamanite warriors. They were funny and liked to play around. After a few months all of them had moved on.”

Doug Tales 12: A Lot of Scuffs

“How Doug Mendenhall lived his life” was the topic of Denver Snuffer, Jr.’s observations at the funeral service for Doug on December 29, 2020.

Denver’s remarks and those of the other participants at Doug’s memorial services that day in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, are online at “Doug Mendenhall Memorial Recording” (February 8, 2021), and printed in Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2020 (2021). Denver’s comments are on pages 567-568:

I’m grateful for the opportunity to come and participate in this. I appreciate very much the comments that have been made. One of the things I really loved about Doug was his smile.

It—to me—always looked slightly guilty, like he had just stolen a cookie, and I’m going to miss that. I’m going to miss a lot about him.

I got a random call this morning from a Hawaiian living in Canada on an Indian reservation. He said, “Can you talk?” and I said, “Yeah, I’m driving. I’m going down to Mount Pleasant to Doug Mendenhall’s funeral.” And he said, “Oh, I love that guy! You tell the family that Rob Adolpho loved Doug Mendenhall.” I was looking at the program for the funeral and they list the relationship that people participating have to Doug, and the category “Friend” outnumbers the category of different family members. That’s exactly how Doug Mendenhall lived his life.

People who are wealthy in this world fear continually the loss of their wealth, because the more wealth they have, the more they realize it can be lost. It doesn’t matter how much wealth you accumulate. Really wealthy people are the most fearful about the wealth that they have. But there is another kind of wealth that is secure, and stable, and eternal, and that’s the wealth of having friends. When you have friends, you know that there’s never going to come a time when someone won’t step up to give aid when it’s needed.

Stubbornly, Doug wouldn’t ask for aid when he needed it—so it required the spirit to intervene and to inspire people to do so. Doug never asked me for help for himself, but he had no hesitation at all to ask for help for someone else. And so, I had the privilege—I assume Doug did a great deal of this anonymously—of helping him put shoes on missionaries, and coats on missionaries, and suits on missionaries, and get wisdom teeth removed from missionaries, because there was always a need. Doug was looking to fill that need, soliciting. For all I know, many of you here got benefited by Doug’s generosity, because he would solicit from friends on behalf of other friends, but he wouldn’t solicit for himself.

I had a watch that gave up the ghost after 25 years. It’s the only kind of watch I ever wanted to own, and they stopped manufacturing it. So I had to find a way to replace it. You carry a phone. Everyone’s got a clock in your car. You’ve got a clock on your phone. There’s a clock on the wall. There’s clocks everywhere. There’s only one time I really need a watch, and that’s if I’m giving a talk. I like to have a clock I can look at, to see how long I’ve spoken and be courteous about getting out of there. It’s a pocket watch. When it arrived, it had a little plastic thing stuck to the front and the back. When you peel it off, it’s just so shiny and pretty and stainless steel and not a mark on it. I carried it around for about a week before something else in the pocket rubbed on it and it got a scuff. The scuff on it was so noticeable—it just bothered me. When I looked at the watch, the only thing I could see was this scuff on the darn thing. I’ve been carrying it for months now. As it turns out, everything will scuff the surface of stainless steel. But over time, when there are enough scuffs to the metal, it all turns into this mosaic that looks just as finished, and even more interesting, than when it arrived at first looking like a mirror.

Doug Mendenhall had a lot of scuffs on him before I ever met him the first time, and his countenance reflected that. He had a patience for people. He had a wisdom and a way of carrying himself that reflected the graciousness of having been scuffed, and having been belittled, having been dismissed, having been misunderstood by people throughout life. Doug had a wealth of friends and I’m happy to say that I’m one of them. He came to participate and listen in today. He’s not in the box, but he is here, and I think he’s slightly embarrassed by the crowd that came, and even more so by the group listening in from a distance. But Doug was a man who loved others.

Misunderstood and dismissed by a lot of people, but my word! If a Hawaiian living on an Indian reservation in Canada on the morning of his funeral can remark, “Oh I love that guy! Tell his family I loved him,” then the family should rest assured that his life was one that was, is, and will ever be filled with love. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Doug Tales 11: Provoking God

On July 27, 2019, Doug Mendenhall spoke in Sandy, Utah, at a mini-seminar about “What is Upcoming in Our Area, Country, and More.” He began his portion of the seminar (which he was presenting on behalf of his sighted daughter), talking about an Old Testament event—the provocation—and applying it to our current attitude and actions towards God today.

The entire seminar can be listened to on this blog at “Talks” (August 19, 2019). The following comments of Doug speaking are from a transcript of the mini-seminar, which was printed at the end of Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2017-2019 (2020), on pages 335-336:

You know, for years and years we did the Ezekiel seminars, the Jedi classes, and all types of stuff. In fact, in the Jedi classes, I was told to do a section on the provocation. Who here doesn’t know what the provocation is? It might be important to know what the provocation is. It talks about it in Jacob 1:7, Alma 12:36, Psalms 95:8, Hebrews 3:8, 15, and D&C 84:23-26….

Why does God have something called the provocation mentioned in five places in the scriptures? Do you think it might be something that is on His mind, and is so important that He has the prophets talk about it? A really quick synopsis is: Moses goes up the mountain and God says, “Okay, how about you cleanse yourselves for three days? Have Israel take a bath. Good heavens, those guys stink. They’ve been in the desert.” And so they do. They start going up the mountain. They see all the lightning and hear all the thunder and all types of noise. There’s a cloud overhead, and they get scared. They say to Moses, “You go up, and you talk to the Lord, we don’t want to see Him.”

They were offered to enter into His rest: “Moses, bring them up here and they’ll enter into My rest.” They were offered to receive the Second Comforter and meet the Lord face to face. And they rejected that.

All these years I thought, “Well, why did You want me to talk about this?” I never knew. We’ve mentioned the provocation in some of the Jedi classes. I was doing what I was supposed to do; I never understood it. This morning, I’m sharing what Denise is saying, and she’s talked about a lot of stuff. She mentioned a lot of things for today that she wanted talked about. And He wanted me to start with the provocation.

Have we provoked God today? Have we been offered to meet Him or see Him face to face, and we don’t talk about it anymore? About seven or eight years ago, in a Sunday School, they were doing D&C, and a former bishop was teaching our class…and I thought, “Yes! We’re going to talk about this.”…It was the section on receiving the Second Comforter (D&C 67:1, 93:1). And he skipped right over those scriptures. I raised my hand, and I said, “Why did you skip those scriptures that talk about the Second Comforter?” He looked at me, and pointed his finger at me, and said, “We will never discuss the Second Comforter in this class!”

Have we provoked God? For you people that are LDS, it hasn’t been discussed since 1979 in General Conference. Why not? Do you think those guys are doing the will of God? It’s in your scriptures. It should be your main goal in this life, which is to receive Him. So what’s going on? Do you think that’s why the Lord wanted me to talk about the provocation in all of those Jedi classes, because we’re provoking Him the way Israel provoked Him, and then they got cursed for forty years in the wilderness and on and on?

So how’s your wilderness experience?

Books, Words and Fruits

Doug Mendenhall’s six books are available now in electronic form free of charge from this web site. You are invited to go to our “Books” page, and there click on a book’s image to download a PDF file for that title. (Note: Paper copies are no longer being sold or printed by Publishing Hope. You are encouraged to download and print book copies for your personal use.)

– – –

Here’s an overview of Doug’s writings:

Doug Mendenhall’s first two books are prequels to Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012). My Peace I Give Unto You (2001) and Possibilities: Lessons From The Spirit (2002) share what happened when Doug’s ten-year-old daughter, Denise, had a near-death experience in late 1999 and gained the ability to see spiritually those of light and dark around her.

Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012) is the foundational book for all of Doug Mendenhall’s writings. This handbook of tools, experiences and stories covers how to deal with dark and negative spiritual entities, weapons, and devices.

There are three sequels to Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One. The first two are I See…Awake! (2015) and I See…Arise! (2016). The two I See books distill the major teachings of a series of spiritual battle workshops called Jedi Seminars, which Doug taught from 2011-2020.

Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) culminates the prior writings of Doug Mendenhall. His longest and most comprehensive work, this book of his personal experiences and learning is split into five sections: history, the reality of evil, tools, ancestral healing, and next steps/looking forward.

– – –

The work to put Doug’s words online here prompts me to include two statements from Denver Snuffer, the first from his 2017 Prayer for Covenant, and the second from the “Fruit” entry in A Glossary of Gospel Terms. These are taken from their online versions at:

“We hope to repent and return to your path, and no longer be condemned and rejected as a people because of those who went before. Take pity on us all and have mercy for us, as we acknowledge and accept the condemnation and rejection of the latter-day gentiles, and petition that we may overcome it. We are mindful that in 1832 the gentile saints were condemned for vanity and unbelief because they treated lightly the things they had received, and they were warned by you that they would remain under condemnation until they repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon and the former commandments, not only to say, but to do. You commanded the gentiles that they bring forth fruit meet for their Father’s kingdom, and if they failed to do so, there remained a scourge and judgment to be poured out upon those who claimed to be the children of Zion.” (Teachings and Commandments 156:1-2)

“‘The Savior provided a test whereby one can easily distinguish between true and false prophets. ‘You shall know them by their fruits’ (Matthew 7:16 KJV, 3:46 RE). The question was, “Well, if there is a test to apply, in order to determine whether or not he [Joseph Smith] was a prophet, the presence of the test suggests the possibility of a prophet.” I thought that an interesting point. Why would you have a test if there is not going to be another prophet? So, “you shall know them by their fruits” suggests the possibility that there will, in fact, be someone you better apply that test to, someone for whom the test will become both relevant and important. So I couldn’t categorically dismiss Joseph Smith as a prophet for the reason there absolutely could never be more. Therefore, I needed to ask the next question: What are Joseph’s fruits?’ (Denver Snuffer, 40 Years in Mormonism Lecture 7 ‘Christ: The Prototype of the Saved Man,’ page 4)

“In Matthew 12:28-32 JST, 6:14 RE, Christ explained how to measure ‘fruit.’ ‘Either make the tree good and his fruit good, or else make the tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt, for the tree is known by the fruit. And Jesus said, O you generation of vipers. How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. A good man, out of the good treasure of the heart, brings forth good things; and an evil man, out of the evil treasure, brings forth evil things. And again I say unto you that every idle word men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment; for by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.’

“Christ determined that the test for ‘fruit’ is the words one speaks. But how should ‘words’ be measured? Anger, conflict, violence, war, and division amongst families were just some of the results of the words Christ spoke. If Christ’s words were measured by how people were affected by them, then Christ produced bad fruit. Therefore, the reaction people have to words cannot be an accurate measure of ‘fruit.’ It must be the substance, the truth, or the independent value of the words — separate from how people respond to a man’s words. Prophets and righteous individuals have been arousing anger, provoking violent reactions, and being called anything from foolish to vile because of their words, and that does nothing to diminish the goodness of their fruit. (Denver Snuffer, ‘Fruit,’ March 10, 2018, blog post)”

Doug Tales 10: Tools for the Fight

During the last two or three years of his life, Doug Mendenhall worked on finishing his seventh (and final) book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020). Doug’s largest and most comprehensive work, this book of his personal experiences and learning is split into five sections: history, the reality of evil, tools, ancestral healing, and next steps/looking forward.

Putting the last first, Doug’s final words in his book are the following:

“Praise God for His kindness and all glory be to Him. The principles or laws talked about in this chapter—and in this entire book—are true. They will work for anyone that applies them. It is our choice to apply them in a Babylonian way, and you know who runs Babylon, or in a Christ-centered way. Both have been presented. I have seen both….As expressed, it is always our choice. May we choose wisely.”

Here’s Doug’s first words in his last book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two, on pages v-vi:

I am so relieved to have this second volume of Conquering Spiritual Evil done. It contains things that to me are a pure delight. From more about how evil works to tools to combat it, generational healing and looking forward. It has been wonderful to experience most of what is contained in this work. We’ve always said that the Lord Jesus Christ makes sure our books are “experiential” in nature. What we end up writing about is our life and what we go through.

There have been so many that have helped with this work. Always first and foremost is the Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him there is no work, no life, and no joy. I am grateful to Him for all things, easy and hard. The hard ones seem to stretch a person into more growth.

My sweetheart, Dianne is my rock. She endures so much time alone while these things are written and figured out. Thank you for your patience, love, and understanding. Thank you for being my sounding board. You bless my life abundantly.

There are many friends that were helpers with this project. I hope to remember them all.…There are a few that have no problem calling me to task or challenging concepts and ideas. They have no idea how much that is appreciated. It makes me dig deeper into the Spirit and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to make sure the ideas and concepts are of Him….

Please forgive any and all errors, typos, etc. We are not professional and only do this by request of our Lord Jesus Christ. All honor, praise and glory be to Him, our Mother and Father.

I really appreciate all those who willingly shared their experiences and stories. It takes real courage to share what you have. It will help many others.

Like in our other books, one of the hardest parts about writing this was how much of the material overlapped. Good lessons seem to be applicable to several chapters, concepts, and ideas. So please forgive me for that. This work is my own effort with much help from others. It is not of any church or organization. I don’t purport to teach LDS doctrine in this book. This book stands on its own. I am just relating our experiences with spiritual evil, those of others, while hopefully offering ideas that are usable in your life. This comes from my own understandings and experiences. I hold no position in any church or community that would warrant anyone giving me any notice. I like it that way and am grateful for my anonymity.

It is my prayer that through these four books, Conquering Spiritual Evil, I See…Awake!, I See…Arise!, and now Conquering Spiritual Evil Vol. 2 you will have many tools to use to keep you and your family safer than you were before. This world is getting darker by the day and it will be important for your family’s spiritual well-being to know how to combat evil. May God bless you in this effort.

As always it is hoped you will read with an open mind and heart. There are concepts in this book that you may never have thought of and that requires an open mind and heart.

Doug Tales 9: Stories From Our Lives

Doug Mendenhall encourages readers of his sixth book, I See…Arise! (2016), on pages v-ix, to explore and learn for themselves by having their own spiritual experiences:

It really is my hope that you will have read the first book in this series, I See…Awake!, before venturing into this one. That book lays the foundation that this one builds on. Since my daughter’s coma some sixteen years ago, my ideas about how things work have changed mightily. There have been many occasions when I realized what an infant I have been, and still am, in regards to how the other side of the veil operates. This book is an experiential work. Most of what we are allowed to write about, we have experienced.

In the first part of this book we will explore more of those experiences that we and others have had. Everything from being given a second chance at birth, how people’s spirits become earthbound, how often Heaven gets involved in our lives, and what happens at a church court on the spiritual side of the veil.

We will also explore energy, chakras, photons, and meditation. These are things I have learned about in the past 16 years that are important to understand. Especially if we desire to help others in addition to ourselves.

This book also continues with the education of how evil works so that we can thwart it. It is important to understand how mind control works, possession, and even dark portals. All of this is necessary in order to understand how to combat and destroy evil in our lives. There is also the concept of learning much about how light operates by seeing what evil does, since it mimics light.

As in the previous volume, I have been allowed to use my daughter, Denise, and our gifted friend, Kitten. The Lord Jesus Christ has been extremely generous in what He has allowed them to share and teach us. Some of it might come across as harsh, but no harsher than our Lord calling the Pharisees “whited sepulchres” which was a very crass insult at that time. (Matthew 23:27) Or telling Peter to “get thee behind me, Satan.” (Matthew 16:23) Our Lord tells it like it is. When He says “Amen” to those that abuse their so-called priesthood authority, stating that they no longer have any, does it sound like he is “playing around?” If some are offended, then it is my hope that the supposed offense will wake them up, and they will arise. But know that there was never any offense intended, just truth being offered.

We use stories from our own life because 1) We have been told to, and 2) We can speak from experience; a concept that was taught in the previous book, [I See … Awake!]. If I want to know how to become redeemed, isn’t it better to listen and learn from those who have done so? That is one of the main reasons to read the Book of Mormon, as it includes the fullness of the gospel, redemption, and how to accomplish it from those that have done so. It is also the reason I was told to use Kitten and to quote from Denver Snuffer, both of whom have been redeemed. In fact, they are the only two that I know of right now. They see both sides of the veil and have the Father and Son “abide” with them. Might they know of things that we have no inkling of? Absolutely. I enjoy asking my daughter about these things we are told to write about because she is so open with me. From “I have no idea about that Dad” to “I saw this and that and here is what happened.” It has made for some interesting conversations with all three people, some of which is included in this work.

I hope that some eyes will be opened, but mostly I hope that people will truly begin to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, to know Him, and become like Him. That is the real basis for doing this book, to do His will and write about what He wants us to share….

I am not institutionally educated like many of you. Funny, the Lord doesn’t seem to care. I would rather be weird and live in this incredible atmosphere God has given me than the spiritual void that most live in. You see, when someone claims to have authority, I want to see that mantel on him, the one of Light. I want to know the difference, how things operate, and the why. I am able to discern and even see where evil is, to know the intents of another’s heart. I desire to, and have entertained angels. If that makes me weird, praise God.

I would ask, what is it…that we should seek? We have been told to seek Jesus of Nazareth and become like Him. Did He not have “extreme gifts” such as walking on water, teleporting, manifesting food and wine, extreme healing, raising the dead, reading people’s thoughts, etc.? He didn’t have a veil and knew the Father who abided with Him. This is where I desire to be, among those who are like Him. Did He not say in the last days we’d do everything He did and then some?

Years ago I was the Young Men President in my LDS ward and was teaching the 16-18 year old young men in Priesthood meeting. About halfway through the lesson our Bishop interrupted me and asked for permission to teach them. I told him it was his quorum and sat down. He proceeded to ask them if they always wanted to be a member of the LDS Church. They all said of course they did. The Spirit told me where he was going, and I was pleasantly shocked. He proceeded to tell them that no, they didn’t want to always be members of the LDS Church, that they should have the goal and desire to be a member of the Church of the Firstborn. Not one of them had ever heard of this doctrine before. He then taught them about it…Many members of my church have called or emailed me and asked about this “Church of the Firstborn.”… They have never heard of it before. I usually tell them to look it up in the D&C.

If we are this ignorant of our own doctrine, how can we be cognizant of “spiritual” things, of the “metaphysical?” We can’t, and we certainly aren’t, except for a very few. Their “heads are not buried” deliberately. They just don’t realize that, like Joseph, we can ask deep questions too! Because it is not taught in church meetings—except in passing—most have a vague notion of what it is and are hesitant to ask in a class. Or since it is not mentioned or taught, it is something in the hereafter that we don’t need to be concerned with. A member of the Church of the Firstborn deals with, meets with, converses with, and plans with the Lord Jesus Christ and many Terrestrial or translated beings. You see through the veil, you transverse through the veil, and you have been invited into their presence. Male or female, it makes no difference….

I have said this before and will say it again: When the Lord comes back, we must “vibrate” at or near the necessary frequency, or we will be burned. It will take much effort to become what we need to be in order to not become a crispy critter or a pile of ash. Make no mistake about it, if you do not attain to that level, you will not be here. That is why the Lord tells us to wake up and to arise. “Adam, awake and arise!”

Doug Tales 8: Awake and Arise!

Doug Mendenhall’s fifth and sixth publications are a pair of closely-related books, I See…Awake! (2015) and I See…Arise! (2016). Awake comes before arise, as we need to awake to our true circumstances before we can arise and take action.

Of course, as Hugh Nibley once remarked, “Without strong pressure what man is going to repent who thinks things are going his way? It usually amounts to being ‘awakened…out of a deep sleep’ (Alma 5:7), and what is more annoying than being awakened out of a deep sleep?” “Last Call: An Apocalyptic Warning From the Book of Mormon,” Sunstone, Jan. 1988, page 22

Doug explains what he had been up to recently in Mount Pleasant, Utah, as well as the background and purpose to the two I See books, on pages vi-xi of his preface to I See…Awake!:

For the past four years my daughter, Denise, our friend, Kitten, and I have offered a series of workshops that I called “Jedi workshops” though they really had nothing to do with the Star Wars saga. It started out with just 12 selected individuals that were taught things that the Spirit told us to teach. We ended up doing four levels of workshops over a four year period with many hundreds attending. The information taught, built on each other though there were many varied concepts.…

I only mention this because as the Spirit told me what to write in this book, some of it started to look eerily familiar—like material from these workshops. I even pulled out my notes and compared the information, though what is taught in this book is like a Jedi workshop “on steroids.” Concepts that the three of us had no idea why the Lord wanted taught now make sense to me. For example, Kitten taught a concept of looking at numbers differently and then reducing them to a single digit, which Pythagoras taught anciently. No one, including myself, ever thought to ask her why she was told to teach such a thing. I now realize that much of what was taught was in preparation for the material in this work. Those concepts from the workshops have been added upon considerably….

Just like the workshops, there must be a foundation laid before we get into the deeper material. Though much of the foundation material might not be “new” to many people, it is important to understand the concepts taught in this first volume. Yes, I did say first volume. What I had hoped would be a pamphlet turned into two books in order to get it all in.

In the book, Conquering Spiritual Evil [Volume One], there is also a foundation laid in order to understand how to deal with evil. It is my hope that you will have read that volume before venturing here because of the foundation it lays out. Among other things, that volume taught how to cast out and shield. Some of its material was what I call the “Hollywood” version of evil—possession, portals, and casting out. This book delves into those subjects but at a different level and from a different perspective, but it will also show how Satan mainly uses subtle forms of influence to get us to do his will. We will look at how the conscious mind works and what has been done to pervert and alter it. We will also see how Satan mimics the Gods of Light, doing his works in darkness. But by studying what he does and what he mimics also shows how the Gods of Light work. In order to accomplish this I have asked several sighted people, whom I trust, to look at the spiritual side of our physical world. If a person is able to see into the past and forward into the future the scriptures call them a seer….

They have provided incredible insights into how things work between our so called physical/mortal world and the world of spirits. (God bless them for their insights and willingness to share what they have been shown!) We will also look at what our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the angels do for us on the other side of the veil. For example, what happens on the other side of the veil when a person receives the baptism of fire? What takes place and how is it accomplished? Just how involved are these beings of light in our lives? It may surprise you. We know those of darkness are intimately involved in our lives as well….

I must offer the obligatory disclaimer. I am solely responsible for this work. I represent no one, nor any institution, religious or secular. This work is not a doctrinal commentary and certainly doesn’t pretend to be. I am not a doctrinal scholar. It contains our experiences and those of others to hopefully help people understand how to combat those evil influences that pervade our world today. It shares ideas that might be employed to help a person overcome those influences….

Many people have claimed that “knowledge is power.” I tend to agree to a point. Knowledge is necessary to become like our Heavenly Parents; it is necessary for salvation; but if we don’t act or use that knowledge, what good does it really do us? We have come here to this “laboratory” to experience, to use that gained knowledge in righteous actions, not sit on the sidelines and observe. The fight is on, and we should be part of it. Knowledge and truth allow us to be effective in the battle that is waging before us, seen or unseen, physical or spiritual. Knowledge combined with action is power. That action requires practice. All the time in the library is great, but it needs to be put into practical use. If that was not the case, why come here to earth? We could just learn all there is to know during class time in the Celestial realms and never have to experience mortality. But that is not the case.

Action is required; it is time to “awake and arise” and join in the fight. It is our hope that this book will be an aid and give more tools, for this obligation we have agreed to before coming to this earth. The tools and understandings offered will be of no value if we don’t practice using them, becoming proficient, as the Gods of Light are. Otherwise, why did we come here?

It is for this reason that this book is mainly an experiential work. The Lord has never really allowed us to share much else. What do I mean by “experiential?” Whenever He told me to write a book, it has always been based on what we have experienced. Yes, it is based on the scriptures or what Joseph Smith taught, but for me it is not theory—it is personal. So when I get an email from a possessed man and am asked for help, my first thought usually is, “Oh boy, another chapter” or for those of you that really know me, “Really, Lord, why me?” Then we go out and see what the Lord wants taught. I must admit, I prefer this way of learning because it is far more educational and interesting. Classwork can be boring at times…….

Doug Tales 7: Spiritual Phenomena

At the very beginning of Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), Doug Mendenhall wrote out (on pages ix-viii) thirty-one definitions of various spiritual phenomena which he and others have encountered. Here are ten of his definitions from that book:

Casting Out

The act of commanding dark entities to leave a human host, dwelling, or property.

Discerning of Spirits

The Prophet Joseph Smith spent a great deal of time attempting to describe how to discern between good and evil spirits. George A. Smith, Joseph’s nephew reported, “There was no point upon which the Prophet Joseph Smith dwelt more than the discerning of Spirits” (Minutes of Meetings held in Provo City, 28 November 1869, Church Archives; see also Words of Joseph Smith, p. 21)

The Prophet Joseph Smith stated, “…A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge, and consequently more power than many men who are on the earth. Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” (History of the Church 4:588)

Ghost Hunters & Debunkers

Entire industries have been built on this phenomenon. For example, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramais in Columbia Pictures’ 1984 release of Ghostbusters, attempted to clear or cleanse areas where these earthbound spirits and devils haunt or reside. TV shows and Hollywood portrayals sensationalize these spiritual phenomena in an attempt to entertain the idle and curious.

But the premise of the author is that spiritual phenomena exists as a natural part of the mortal experience and that anyone can utilize the power of God through knowledge, spiritual gifts, and power of the spoken word in the name of Jesus Christ to cast out evil from their own lives. With this knowledge, one can be aware of what is actually going on and, therefore, make conscious choices as they “listen” to these “promptings” and can choose good from evil. (Moroni 7:12-13, 15-19).


An entry way into our physical world. Think of the “tunnel of light” that people have reported they enter when they have had a near death experience. This is a portal from our world to the spirit world of paradise and prison. On the other side of the spectrum, the dark side, portals are created to move from their realm to ours. Earthbound spirits and devils are already here. Demons and others have need of portals to enter our existence to do their evil deeds and inflict their pain.

Reality of Evil

From an LDS perspective, one cannot accept the existence of divine angels without accepting the reality of demons. All things have their opposites, or as our scriptures declare, there “is opposition in all things.” If one desires to see and experience celestial climes, one must also comprehend the depth of hellish spheres.

While enduring one of the most grueling experiences of his life, the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote an epistle to the Church from Liberty jail dated March 25, 1839. In it he taught, “the things of God are of deep import; and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out. Thy mind, O man! if thou wilt lead a soul unto salvation, must stretch as high as the utmost heavens, and search into and contemplate the darkest abyss, and the broad expanse of eternity…”. (History of the Church 3:289-305; see also Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith p. 137)

When one embraces the idea that angels and devils from an unseen realm actually exist, many events in this mortal sphere begin to make sense. Events no longer become just occurrences or coincidences, but can be seen as tests, trials, afflictions, all blessings that can be used to bless our lives through the grace and power of God.

Spirit Communication

Spirits do not need to use vocal chords, sound waves and words to communicate. They use thoughts. When a concept is transferred from the other side of the veil to this temporal side of the veil, it is received through a process known as revelation. It can be compared to a download of a computer. It is received by a person’s spirit and is often manifested as a thought in a person’s mind.

Joseph taught about spiritual things, “All things whatsoever God in his infinite wisdom has seen fit and proper to reveal to us, while we are dwelling in mortality, in regard to our mortal bodies, are revealed to us in the abstract, and independent of affinity of this mortal tabernacle, but are revealed to our spirits precisely as though we had no bodies at all; and those revelations which will save our spirits will save our bodies.” (April 8, 1844, History of the Church 6:318-320; see also Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith p. 355)

Spiritual Shield

A spiritual device of energy or light that can surround our being preventing physical and spiritual harm to us. It can operate as the person intends it to operate, meaning several layers thick or it can be reflective, meaning it allows nothing of darkness to come through while allowing light to do so. The variations are only limited by our imagination and what we desire to create.

Spiritual Sight

Most all mortals miss much that is going on about them because the temporal realm veils the spiritual realm until we learn to “see” again. Some refer to our spiritual eyes or third eye being opened to when we see or perceive spiritual things. This spiritual sight can be bestowed spontaneously or developed. I have seen both. There are those who never lost their spiritual sight from birth or as they matured physically.

There are more who have limited sight as a result of God spontaneously bestowing a gift on them or their having developed this gift to see. Whether a person never lost this sight or whether it came as a gift, we will refer to all of these people as “gifted” or to those who “can see” or who “have spiritual sight.” They can see what is going on in the spiritual realm particularly with angels or spirits while many are still blind to spiritual things in this temporal realm. Many can see and understand energies, the human aura, and other things we may not have considered to be in the spiritual realm, but certainly are.

Some have questioned these gifted people who can “see” while they themselves cannot. Some have asked in curiosity while others asked in skepticism, unbelief, and jealously. Most people can develop this gift to some extent but with limited capabilities. However, those who do see with unlimited sight bear a weighty burden and contend mightily with evil forces along with their enjoying the association of angels. It is a gift that is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways.

Types of Spirits

The Prophet Joseph explained in elementary terms that there are three types of spirits. He instructed, “There are three independent principles—the spirit of God, the spirit of man, and the spirit of the devil. All men have power to resist the devil. They who have tabernacles have power over those who have not.”

In this mortal plane we, “the spirit of man,” experience different levels or dimensions of spirituality. A full spectrum exists. Different entities that we encounter from spiritual realms possess different frequencies. They range in this spectrum from pure godliness and purity, “the spirit of God,” to pure evil and darkness, “the spirit of the devil.” Some are helpful in life’s journey while other’s purpose is to detract and destroy.

Veil and the Spirit of Man

The spirit of man represents each of us who have been born into mortality. We each have a body of spirit, light, intelligence, and energy along with a body of flesh and bones. The veil of the spirit body is the body of flesh and bones. This veil inhibits one’s ability to “see” spiritual realms so that each individual can live by faith rather than by sight in perfecting the flesh by obedience to the commandments of God.

This body primarily uses the sensory means of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. When we die, nothing more than a separation of mortal body and spirit occurs, our spirit lives on and we can again enjoy spiritual powers and abilities we once enjoyed before we were limited by our mortal bodies in a spiritual sphere.

Doug Tales 6: Spiritual Weapons & Shields

On pages 90-95 of his book Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), Doug Mendenhall shares his experiences with the reality of spiritual weapons being sent to and from other individuals, plus the need for spiritual shielding:

The scriptures mention the arrows and darts of the adversary. The scriptures also mention the chains of the adversary. I have talked to many individuals that feel these are just metaphors for what the adversary can send at us. For many years I felt the same way. Then my family started having all kinds of experiences….

For example, I had an experience when a friend put a spear through my chest. Please understand that these are spiritual devices or implements of darkness and even though they are spiritual, they can still cause physical pain, and there can be more than arrows, darts or spears thrown at you.

I feel that most of these things are done subconsciously, and if we knew this kind of thing was happening when we get angry, we might not allow it. I believe that a lot of what hits us is done in this way.

My friend…was visiting us one Sunday and went to Fast and Testimony meeting with us. She decided at the last moment to get up and bear her testimony, so she walked up to the pulpit to share it with the congregation. At the end she mentioned that there are some wonderful people living here in our town. She mentioned my family and several of our friends.

At that point in time my local leaders were not happy with the seminars I had been doing for spiritually gifted people, and as she mentioned our friends and my family, one of the local leaders who was sitting behind her looked up and glared at her.

Precisely at that moment she felt something hit her in the back. We watched her wince in pain. She quickly ended her testimony and sat down by us. Doing so she leaned over to me and apparently in much pain said, “I’ve been stabbed in the back by something. What is it?”

Denise leaned over and said, “You have a huge battle-axe in your back. The [local leader] threw it when you mentioned our friends and us.”

Not for one minute do I think that this man threw the battle-axe at her consciously or even had any inkling he had done so. He is a nice man. But at that point he apparently had some negative feelings toward some of us, and in his frustration and judgment he focused that negative energy towards our friend. The adversary changed that negative energy into a battle axe, and it landed in her back. Having been the recipient of more than a few dark spiritual weapons, I can assure you that they do cause physical pain.

I know of husbands and wives that have received arrows and other weapons of darkness from their spouses. In anger they say things, and the weapons fly, unknowingly.

The really scary people are those that do it consciously, knowing perfectly well what they are doing. Good examples are the people that came to our home when Dave was shot full of arrows or the man that put devices on my friend’s back and on my lungs. These are people to be avoided. Those involved in Satanism know all about these things. They use them continually on other people. Their arrows, darts, curses, hexes, implants, etc. are very real and do cause physical problems.

We quickly went home from Church and in the name of Jesus Christ blessed our testimony-bearing friend, casting out the battle-axe, and she felt better immediately.

We met a person that had the ability to penetrate spiritual shields, but we did not know it at that time. After several encounters with him, we decided it was best to not have anything to do with him ever again. But even though we stayed away from him, he continued to bother us or send us dark things. Following [is one] such experience.

My friend, Dave, and I had gone over to another friend‘s house. She was sitting in a chair looking like “death warmed over” and said she felt like her life was being drained out of her. When I silently prayed to ask what was wrong, the Spirit told me that she had five spiritual devices on her body. The biggest was a spiritual shunt in her back that was draining her life away. I didn‘t mention any of them to her, as I wanted a witness of what I had heard.

Dave and I went back to my house to ask my daughter to look and tell me what was wrong.

“She has a device in her back that is sucking the life out of her. Plus there are four other things on her,” she said.

I then went back to my friend‘s house and took her to another who can “see” devices on people. She told her the same thing that Denise had said. We then laid hands on her and cast the devices off. She was back to normal in a short time.…

If I feel my shield is “down” or not as strong as I feel it could be, I will instantly ask for it again. If I see someone coming to the house that I don’t know, I will ask for my shields to be reinforced. Even when my friends have come to the house and are having a bad day, they may be carrying some darkness on them, so I will ask for my spiritual shield to be reinforced.

For about two years I did seminars for people that are spiritually gifted or those interested in such things. They were held in various locations around the country. I would go and dedicate the building the night before or early in the morning. I would cast out any darkness, ask for spiritual shields, and for angels to guard the building.

I did this one time late at night. As I was leaving the building to head back to the hotel, two friends drove into the parking lot. I waved at them and approached their car. I chatted for a few minutes and then drove back to the hotel.

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot, I had a stabbing pain above my heart. When I asked the Lord what it was, I was told I had been stabbed with a spiritual spear. It had come from one of my “friends” that I had met in the parking lot. I found out later that she felt I had slighted her somehow. At least that is what I was told.

As I sat contemplating this, I got really angry. I asked for it to be taken out, and I sent it back to her in anger. (The Emperor in Star Wars would be standing there saying, “Feel the hate, Doug, feel the hate.” Actually the Devil probably was.) This was something that I consciously did, knowing all along how wrong it was to do such a thing.

The next day as I was speaking, the Lord told me to relate this story and to apologize to her right there in the meeting. I did so. As I said my apology, I saw that she was rubbing above her heart, right where I had sent it in my anger. I guess she didn’t have a spiritual shield up either.

My point is that we don’t know who we might encounter during our day or what attachments might be thrown or put on us. It might be important to put up spiritual shielding all the time. Some people have the ability to harm us spiritually from a distance, and spiritual shields can and do protect from those assaults also.